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Sun Peaks Resort Blog

BC Snowboard Provincial Slopestyle Series

by Sarah29. January 2012 22:09

Over the past weekend we hosted the BC Snowboard Provincial Slopestyle Series; it provided the opportunity for athletes to compete for FIS points and to qualify for the Canadian Snowboard Nationals. The competitors hailed from all over Canada with the majority of the leader board featuring riders from Quebec City and Kelowna.

There was a bit of wind affecting the warm up hits but as soon as the comp kicked off there was no holding back! The rider’s were hungry for to score a place in the finals and to collect those precious FIS point, not to mention the added cash bonus! The girls were throwing down just as hard as the guys; leaving the spectators in awe of their skill and ability.

The Results from the two days are as follows:

Saturday January 21, 2012
FEMALE: Overall

MALE: 14 and under

MALE: 15 to 18

MALE: 19 and over

Sunday January 22, 2012
FEMALE: Overall

MALE: 14 and under

MALE: 15 to 18

MALE: 19 and over

Thank you to all the organisers, riders, judges, spectators and everyone else who was involved. Good luck with the rest of the series and the Nationals. We look forward to hosting the event again next year.

Time to shred,


The Finish

by Sarah27. January 2012 21:43

Wine has been poured, tasted and savored as another successful Winter Okanagan Wine Festival came to an end. The festival ran for just over a week and it was not only for the ‘wine lovers’ there were a mixture of events available catering for everyone. People came from all over the world to sample the regions wine varietals and culinary delights as well as get in a few turns on the slopes!

Photo Credit: Royce Sihlis

Many of the events had been sold out weeks in advance, which sum up just how popular this festival is. Among the early sellouts were the M Room Fondue, Brunch with Bubbles, Port & Cheese: After the Après Social, Medal Winners Tasting, All the Grapes You've Wanted To Try But Haven't Yet and the star of the show The Sun Peaks Progressive Tasting with the 650 tickets being snapped up in record time. This could give you an idea for next year's festival as to which events you should book well in advance for.

Photo Credit: Royce Sihlis

During the heart of the festival the temperatures dropped to -30°C but it didn't stop anyone from enjoying the wonderful evenings of events they attended. The Sun Peaks Bartender Mixology Face-Off was a lot of fun and there were some interesting concoctions as each and every creation had to include a British Columbian wine as an ingredient. It was a great way to introduce wine to those who prefer their bar drinks. Damon from Globe Cafe & Tapas took out the top mixologist with his creation titled: “Cleopatra's Symphony”.

It was a great week with lots of delicious food, fantastic wine and great people! We look forward to its return next year, as we will be celebrating its 15th year running!

Until next year,


FIS World Snow Day

by Sarah23. January 2012 18:15

On Sunday January 22nd, 2012 marked the largest winter event in the world - the FIS World Snow Day. Its aim was to bring children and their families to the slopes, trails and tracks, in a fun-filled day of events, activities and competitions on snow. The inaugural World Snow Day consisted of 225 events over 41 countries. The event's motto: ‘To Explore, Experience and Enjoy the Snow’. I think it's safe to say we covered that completely!

Photo: Paul Morrison

With our amazing snow conditions, 3,678 acres of terrain and being a family orientated resort we had plenty to offer on the day. There were discounted programs from the Sports School offering ski and snowboard lessons, selected merchandise were on special from our retail outlets and the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Elevations were encouraging customers to experience the latest ski/snowboard technology with a FREE upgrade to their high performance demo fleet. Masa's Bar + Grill were offering World Snow Day lunch and dinner specials, along with drink specials throughout the day and they completed the fun-filled day by hosting the "Snowed in Comedy Tour" which was a hilarious evening. The line up was a selection of top comedians; Arj Barker (Flight of the Concords), Dan Quinn (Winner of Canadian Competition at Just for Laughs), Craig Campbell (Michael Macintyre's Road show) and Pete Johansson (Comedy Central's premium Blend). It was a great way to end the day!

We also hosted the BC Snowboard Provincial Slopestyle Series on the day but I will be covering this in another blog.

Some of the other countries that participated included Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Germany, America, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Japan, Iceland, Australia, Russia and Spain, amongst others.

Photo: Paul Morrison

It was a fantastic day and everyone had a lot of fun. It even started snowing and dropped close to 8cm of fresh powder for us to play in! It's kind of surreal to be aware that across the globe there was a collective of people all out to take part in the same experience at almost the same time.

See you out there!



Champagne Powder!

by Sarah16. January 2012 22:33

When an Arctic storm brings 30cm+ of fresh pow onto your doorstep, you find any excuse to get out and amongst it! The conditions were amazing; people were saying they haven’t seen a snowfall like this in over 5 years!

There's something about powder days that tends to make you ski/ride differently from the way you usually would. It could be that when you bail it's like your landing on pillows, but I think it's because most of us have to wait around six months of the year for snow. So when excellent conditions like this occur, you want to experience it in the best way possible and to keep that feeling of stoke alive for another six months!

Needless to say all the easily accessible ‘top spots’ were tracked out very quickly but there was so much snow that you almost didn't notice! There are still plenty fresh lines and powder stashes around, however you may have to go looking. Although with more snow in the forecast, you may not have to look far!

Check out the video of the day below.

See you on the mountain!



Fondue Dinner & Evening Descent

by Sarah14. January 2012 21:22

The air was crisp and cool as we boarded the Sunburst Express Chairlift and headed up under the twilight sky. I was quietly excited as it was my first ever experience of fondue.

Arriving at the top we were directed towards the Sunburst Restaurant where Thor, one of the star Sun Guides greeted us. There is no set seating and so creates a very social atmosphere. The main course was already laid out in front of us and looked so good! Once settled in and greetings were said we dug in and wow... It was amazing! Cheese on bread is okay, cheese on toast in good but bread dipped in boiling cheese, is a taste explosion like no other! I was told that there are two main cheeses needed for a fondue mix and on their own they are not that great but when combined and melted down together they create the delicious dip that was in front of us. The meat, seafood and vegetable varieties were also very good but the bread and cheese mix was defiantly the highlight for me.

Once everyone had their fill of the main course it was shortly followed by the desert. Chocolate fondue with a platter of fruit, marshmallows and biscuits it was a perfect combination!

We let the food settle for a bit while we were divided into four groups for the descent down. 5 mile had just been freshly groomed to perfection and everyone loved the fresh corduroy! It's a whole different feel going down in the dark; if you accidently came off 5 mile you could very easily lose your sense of direction and get disorientated. Luckily the ski down is lit with a row of lanterns and you are also given a headlight for added assistance. We would also stop a couple of times to do a head count... Just in case.

It was a fabulous night of scrumptious food, great people and excellent skiing; while your here at the resort, it's a definite Sun Peaks must do!

See you on the mountain or at the next fondue!



Winter Okanagan Wine Festival

by Sarah9. January 2012 22:10

The major hallmark event of the Sun Peaks calendar is almost here. From January 14 to 22, Sun Peaks Resort and the Okanagan Wine Festivals Society host the 14th Annual Winter Okanagan Wine Festival. From the oenophiles to the wine novices, there will be something for everyone with a variety of daily events.

All the wine varietals are produced within the surrounding areas but each one has its own characteristics. Not only will the wine be superb but there will also be a broad range of culinary delights on offer; supplied by many of the Sun Peaks food venues.

The Progressive Wine Tasting is the must do event and last year sold out its almost 700 tickets in record time. You'll experience every sense; as you taste amazing wines from over 20 wineries, listen to an array of live music and enjoy a romantic winter evening as you wander through the picturesque village.

As we're in the 14th year of this event, popularity has grown enormously and many of the events have already sold out! If there's any activities/events that you don't want to miss out on, I highly recommend booking in advance. All the information can be found here .

It will be yet another fabulous festival and we're very excited for its return.

See you out there, enjoy!



Family Fun Cup

by Sarah8. January 2012 22:50

Over the past week we have been playing host to a number of people from all over the world. They have been practicing their skills in preparation for the 6th annual Sun Peaks Family Cup ski and snowboard races and the 3rd annual Kookaburra Cup cross-country skiing competition. 

The events were held over two days, with the main focus on fun, as it was a race open to all ages and abilities. This year our youngest participant ever was a 2 years old girl, whilst the oldest has been in their 80's, this year's competitor would not disclose his age.

In competitive spirit family ties were put on hold; as children went against parents, mothers against fathers and sibling rivalries were settled on the course. ‘Barney the Kangaroo’ and ‘Harry Bear’ were also on hand to encourage and lend a hand/paw to anyone who needed it, as well as have a race themselves… Barney won it for Australia if anyone was interested.

It was a fantastic time and a great experience for a lot of the kids, who may not have the opportunity to participate in races or even access to mountains back home. Like Australia a land not commonly known for its alpine range, but manage to take out the overall Nations award... Again! There's always next year Canada.

The following day we hosted the 3rd annual Kookaburra Cup cross-country skiing competition. Another great turn out, with a broad age bracket. There were 3 courses for each level a 2km, 4km and 10km. The times some of these skiers were achieving surprised everyone! It was a lot of fun and smiles were ear to ear after such a great week.

To wrap up the week's events we threw a Tubing Party, as what could be more fun than throwing back some hot chocolates, then hurling yourself down a slope in a tube and screaming your heart out! Overall it was a fabulous week with lots of fun and laughter; we look forward to doing it all over again next year!

See you on the mountain,



Happy New Year!

by Sarah2. January 2012 21:40

The snow had been piling up all week, giving us almost half a meter in seven days. With conditions like this, Burfield is the place to be. From the Top of the World you have complete access to Mt. Tod and that certainly doesn't limit your choices of runs. Check out the video of the team getting amongst it!

We ended 2011 with the biggest New Year's events in Sun Peaks history. The entertainment began with musician Paxton Bachman and his band getting the crowd warmed up for the activities to follow. The kids were involved with a miniature torchlight parade using glowsticks allowing them to feel part of the festivities; until they're old enough to participate in the actual Sun Peaks Resorts Torchlight parade.

The excitement kicked up a notch as the 5th Annual First Flight Big Air took off. A mix of about 15 talented skiers and riders threw down some epic tricks. A warm up hit didn’t cross these athlete’s minds as straight off the bat they were going hard, pushing the limits and stoking the massive crowd. Massive rodeos, corked 9's, 10's and double back flips were just a few of the sweet tricks sent off Nancy.

Soon after, snaking its way down the mountain the glow of torchlight's could be spotted. Going back to the Tod Mountain days, the torchlight parade has been a festive tradition entertaining locals and visitors alike. In perfect synchronization the 200+ group of volunteers spread out into a huge line, starting the countdown to the fireworks display. Excuse the pun but they went off with a BANG! The entire village was captivated by the biggest fireworks show Sun Peaks has ever seen. The flashes of light danced across the night sky, painting an array of colours onto the black canvas. As the evening's events began to wrap up the crowd slowly departed, moving on to continue their celebrations at various venues throughout the village.

A time-lapse of the evenings events.

As time waits for no one, we said goodbye to 2011, a year for many of my friends and family back home are glad to see the end of. My hometown suffered the one of the worst natural disasters recorded in New Zealand's history. While the earthquakes are still occurring, everyone's looking forward and remaining positive as we head in to 2012.

“In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

I wish everyone all the best into the New Year!