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Moonlight Snowshoe and S'mores Tour!

by Sarah22. December 2012 17:52

Sun Peaks offers so much more than just fantastic skiing and snowboarding and so I’ve decided that this season I want to experience as many winter activities as possible - first on the hit list, a snowshoeing tour!  


There’s a variety of different tours available but I opted for the Moonlight Snowshoe and S’mores Tour, partly because I wanted to explore the mountains at night but also because I was tempted to try a  s’more which I’ve heard so much about!


After meeting our very friendly tour guide Rob and getting fitted with our snowshoes we set off in the direction of Mount Morrisey. It was a great night to take the tour,  we’d had 18cm of fresh snow in the past 24 hours and the sky was so clear we could spot Orion’s Belt and The Big Dipper. We began our journey on a groomed Nordic trail but even when we ventured off track I was surprised by how easy it was to walk in thigh deep powder!


Upon arrival at the camp we were warmed up by a campfire and bottomless hot apple cider! While we toasted our marshmallows and enjoyed the yummy s’mores, Rob read us ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’ by Robert W Service and told us a little about the history of snowshoeing.  There was a real sense of being completely on our own on the mountain and it was a magical experience!


The descent back to the village was the highlight for me, not only did we get an incredible view of the glistening village below but we could see the snow cats working their magic across the front slopes of Sundance.


Snowshoeing is a great way to explore the mountains and see them in a completely different way! Next time I’m going to join the Alpine tour for a daylight expedition on Mount Tod! For more information on snowshoeing rental and the different tours available click here.



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The North Face Dirty Feet Shoeshoe Fun Run

by Sarah9. March 2012 21:31

Back for their second season, the Dirty Feet Snowshoe Fun Run came to Sun Peaks. The trails were looking spectacular, albeit a little tight, as over the past couple of weeks we had been getting fresh snow almost every day.

snowshoe Canada

snowshoe Canada

snowshoe ski resort

The 40 competitors of all ages were all geared up as they waited for the start to be called and once it was they were off! I was actually taken a little by surprise at the speed they were going in their showshoes. It was like they were just running in regular sport shoes!

snowshoe ski resort

snowshoe ski resort

snowshoe Canada

snowshoe ski resort

While the competitors made their way through the course I had a quick chat with Phil Hiom one of the organisers and driving force behind the Trail Series events.

How long has the event(s) been running?
We are into our 2nd season; we also have summer trail races and mountain biking races.

How many races are in the series?
There are currently two races in the snowshoe series, but there are 10 events in total, eight during the summer and two in the winter.

Is there an age limit to competitors?
No, last year we had a four year old compete and the oldest today is 69.

How far do people travel for these events?
We've got people here today from Kimberly and Nanaimo.

What shoes do you recommend for Snowshoeing?
What ever you feel most comfortable in, sport shoes, hiking boots etc.

How is the course at Sun Peaks Resort?
It’s a fantastic course with an amazing back drop and the slight incline at the finish encourages competitors to push it for that last little bit.

What is your mission?
Our mission is to provide a fun and comfortable environment for people to get off the road. With courses that are fun, safe, and still challenging.

Anything more to add?
Thanks to North Face and all of our sponsors and to Sun Peaks Resort for hosting us, we're looking forward to coming back for our trail race on September 8, 2012 and again for next year's Snowshoe Fun Run.

The results of the day are as follows:

Womens 10 Km Results
1st. Yvonne Timewell – 1:06:57
2nd. Jennifer Elfenbein – 1:11:32
3rd. Nancy Hudson – 1:18:15

snowshoe Canada

Womens 5 Km Results
1st. Elise Desjardine – 0:38:02
2nd. Deanna Stout – 0:43:51
3rd. Daniela Doebler – 0:44:35

snowshoe Canada

Mens 10 Km Results
1st. David Takahashi Kamloops – 1:07:51
2nd. Brad Maki Kamloops – 1:09:52
3rd. David Graham Kamloops – 1:18:30

snowshoe ski resort

Mens 5 Km Results
1st. Todd Downie – 0:38:34
2nd. Rob Wiebe – 0:41:15
3rd. Roberto Klarich – 0:43:39

snowshoe Canada

It was one of my first introductions to snowshoeing Canada and like the snowmobiles; snowshoeing is not very common in New Zealand either. So since Sun Peaks is also a snowshoe ski resort, it was great to experience it at such an awesome and fun event!

You can check out all the results, information regarding the entire Trail Series and upcoming events on their website at www.dirtyfeet.ca and for more photos head to our Facebook page here.

There's just under one month left of the season, so let's make the most of it!


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