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Snowmobiling Canada!

by Sarah4. March 2012 13:14

Since arriving in Canada and spending the majority of my time at winter destinations, it seems that almost every local has a snow mobile or “sled”. In New Zealand they are practically non-existent; mainly because it's not common to own one and also there are fewer areas to take them. So having the opportunity to go out on one... I couldn't say no!

We meet our guide Colin outside the Adventure Centre and headed off to the where the sleds were waiting for us. We were all prepared, but they have all the equipment necessary in case you forget anything. A quick run through and we were off, heading up past P6 and over a couple of alpine trails we got onto the snowmobile tracks and headed off into the backcountry.  

bc snowmobile canada

bc snowmobile

snowmobiling in canada

snowmobiling canada

Winding our way up the hill we got to a wide open flat section where we could really test the power and sped of our sleds. It had snowed about 15cm the day before so the conditions were perfect for snowmobiling.  

There are two tours available; a two hour and a four hour. We were on the two hour tour and you cover a large area around the resort. The difference with the four hour tour is you head out a lot further and you're at a lower altitude, allowing for a better chance to see some wildlife i.e. moose, deer, etc.

Every now and then as we made our way around the scenic trails, we would come into big powder fields which we could play in and “go hard!” We went past both Morrisey and McGillivray Lake as we started the return journey home via a quick stop at an igloo the guides had built this season.

snowmobiling in canada

snowmobile canada

bc snowmobile

snowmobile canada

snowmobiling canada

bc snowmobile

snowmobiling in canada

It was an awesome experience and another huge highlight to my Canadian adventure! I might have to make the investment and buy myself a sled now!

Check out the video below of my Sun Peaks snowmobile adventure and click on the link for information on snowmobiling in Canada tours.


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Holy Cow Nordic Loppet

by Sarah27. February 2012 21:18

Temperatures were a balmy -17 when we held the Annual Holy Cow Nordic Loppet. Starting at the top of the Morrisey Express lift; both classic and skate skiers descended the Holy Cow Trail, up McGillivray Lake Trail, twice around Blue Grouse, followed by Nut Hatch and Raven Ramble, down Great Grey and finally finishing up near the covered bridge!

After the loppet we headed to the Delta Sun Peaks Resort Hotel, where we presented the awards to the winners and handed out prizes from our sponsors. The top prize was a 2-night accommodation package, 2 Nordic season passes for 2012-13 and Sun Peaks Resort gift cards.

We had a fantastic turn out, marking another successful event at Sun Peaks Resort. Being a fun event racing was not the objective of the day but for those people interested, the results are as follows:

14-17 years Female 20 km. Classic\Skate
1. Elizabeth McKenzie-Case
2. Korina Linder

14-17 years Male 20 km. Classic\Skate
1. Kevin Hunt
2. Alex McDonald

18-45 years Female 24 km. Classic\ Skate
1. Chera Rasmussen
2. Leith McKenzie
3. Lindsay McCoubrey
4. Robyn Warrener
5. Barbara Kupferschmidt Linder

18-45 years Male 24 km. Classic\ Skate   
1. Greg Johnson
2. Darren Bennett
3. Daniel Dallaire
4. Sean Monaghan
5. Christopher Nicolson
6. Marshall McMahen

OVER 45 years Female 24 km. Classic\ Skate    
1. Doris Brakop
2. Leslie Ward
3. Nancy Hudson
4. Suzi Tevendale
5. Monica Mackenzie
6. Ann Carter
7. Frances Vyse
8. Kim Madill
9. Laura Kalina
10. Tammy McDonald
11. Mary MacLennan
12. Sandy Abraham

OVER 45 years Male 24 km. Classic\ Skate
1. Bruce Mitchell
2. Stephen Lawhead
3. Charlie Bruce
4. Tim Schmidt
5. Alan Vyse
6. Daryl Abraham
7. Mike Madill
8. Pat McGrath
9. Mario Caputo
10. Heinz Ehlbeck
11. Stuart Lefroy
12. Lloyd Sarginson
13. Michael Milliette

Huge thank you to all the competitors, organizers and volunteers who braved the cold and of course the sponsors who supplied all the goodies.



The Penguin “Belly Slide” Race

by Sarah24. February 2012 22:50

We revived this popular event for our 50th Anniversary season and what a turn out! We had a few last minute changes to the agenda and the crowds came flocking, for only $2 people of all ages could slip into a suit and slide down the course.

All bets were off as each racer wanted the bragging rights of the world's fastest penguin! It was a fun filled day and win or lose, if they didn't walk away with a prize they defiantly had smile on their face.

As it was so popular hopefully it might be brought back as an annual event. Thanks again to our sponsor Kamloops Computer Centre for helping out with such a great day!

Have fun on the mountain!


TELUS Nancy Greene Corporate Challenge

by Sarah23. February 2012 18:57

The snow was piling up as we held the 16th Annual TELUS Nancy Greene Corporate Challenge at Sun Peaks Resort! This has been a great event over the years and thanks to the generosity of sponsors, participants and the community, more than $350,000 has been raised for event beneficiaries since the race's inception in 1997. Proceeds help support the Sun Peaks Health Association, Sun Peaks Junior Racers and the Royal Inland Hospital Emergency Department.

Being a charitable event, everybody was a winner but if you would like to know who actually came out on top the results are as follows:

1st Place in the Legends Category (over 60 years old): Rosedale On Robson Team #1 (John McKnight, John Sbrocci, Petr Duda, Diane Bacon)

1st Place in the Masters Category (over 50 years old): McPalGanBou Team (Ian McLaren, Rob Palmer, Elia Ganderski, Devon Boucher)

1st Place in Sport Category (everyone else): Sicotte’s Speeders (Anne Terweil, George Terweil, Bill Kals, Luke Harrison)

Fastest Female Skier: Julia Marks
Fastest Female Snowboarder: Meghan Kolodka
Fastest Male Skier: Graham Swann
Fastest Male Snowboarder: Horst Lehman

It was another hugely successful couple of days and everybody was stoked to be able to benefit some great causes all the while enjoying fantastic snow conditions. So thank you to everyone involved, you deserve a pat on the back!

We look forward to seeing you all again next year. Enjoy the powder!



Bungee Trampoline

by Sarah20. February 2012 20:35

There’s a variety of winter activities to experience while at Sun Peaks and I hopped on the bungee trampoline the other day to make a quick video of what you will see if you give it a go.

Great for kids and kids at heart; the bungee trampoline is located slope side by the Village Day Lodge. Tickets can be purchased at Guest Services or the Adventure Centre, both located in the Village Day Lodge. Click here for more details.

Have a great Presidents Week!



The Garden Rail Jam & No Bail Peace Prize

by Sarah18. February 2012 12:17

We wrapped up this season's terrain park events with The 7th Annual Garden Rail Jam presented by Oronge Boardshop and what an event it was! With a generous amount of swag up for grabs as well as the cash prize from the ‘No Bail Peace Prize’ series for the open categories, the competitors were throwing down hard!

Grom Ski:

1. Drummon Maule

Junior Ski:

1. Cole Belland
2. Chris Mendes
2. Jared Putnam

Junior Board:

1. Mitchell Lacasse
2. Matt Putnam
3. Jake Bells

Womens Ski:

1. Jenna Anderson

Womens Board:

1. Zuzy Rocka
2. Taylor Cooper
3. Mylene Van Wemeskerken

Mens Ski:

1. Kieran Nikula
2. Parker Blackstock
3. Dawson Freeze

Mens Board:

1. Geremy Guido
2. Tyy Clark
3. Mike Senger

The No Bail Peace Prize was taken from the best overall standings in The Resurgence Rail Jam, The Bros Ain't Pros Slopestyle and The Garden.

Womens Open Ski: Jenna Anderson

Womens Open Board: Zuzy Rocka

Mens Open Ski: Kieran Nikula

Mens Open Board: Geremy Guido

Thanks to all the spectators, organizers and sponsors who got involved this season and of course a big thanks to all the riders who came out and threw down for us. Enjoy the cash and bragging rights; we look forward to seeing you all again next year!



Mountain Man Adventure - Dog Sledding

by Sarah16. February 2012 13:59

The one thing I've heard consistently since arriving in Sun Peaks is “you have to do the dog sledding, it's a must do for any local or holiday maker!” So when I was asked if I wanted to go on the tour I jumped at the chance, especially as it was already on my 'things to do in Canada' list!

Walking up into the kennels I was surprised at how quiet it was and the thought did cross my mind that maybe most of the dogs were out. They weren't … it was a full house and as soon as they saw that we were going to be heading out the excitement levels jumped from 0 to 100! All of them were trying their best to get picked, some were displaying over the top excitement and energy, while others were trying to get the sympathy vote. It doesn't matter what they try as each dog gets a turn to go out at least once a day.

The whole experience can be as hands on as you want it to be – from leading the dogs to get harnessed up, to driving the actual sled! To be able to offer a hands on experience Chris and Taryn have worked hard with their pack to make them as comfortable as possible with the constant change of visitors. To me the dogs didn't seem to mind the endless pats and cuddles. They are both so passionate about everything they do and you can see it reciprocated in their dog's excitement and happiness as they walk between them.

How long have you been working with dogs?

Chris is in his 11th year of Dog Sled Guiding, and Taryn in her 2nd. We have been the owners at Sun Peaks for two seasons.

What do you both love about your job?

We love the dogs, the wilderness and the quiet of the winter. Dog Sledding can be challenging, exciting and extremely rewarding as you work together as a team.

Many people think ‘Mush!’ is the term used to get a team going but I read somewhere that ‘Hike!’ is more commonly used, would you agree?

Mush is a derivative of the French word 'Marche' which means March. It has fallen out of common use, but we encourage our guests to use it if they want! Hike is more common to get the dogs to work harder up hills. We don't actively use either term - but the upbeat tone in which both words are used is the most important thing. We usually say 'Let's Go! ' & 'Good Dogs!'.

How many dogs to you have? And is this the limit or do you want more?

We currently have 46; the number will always be changing as we are going to need to bring in some younger dogs to replace some of the older ones. We always have a few dogs that will be available for adoption if the right family comes along.

What is the majority of your breed of dogs?

Our dogs are all 'Alaskan Huskies', a mixed breed. Every dog has a different look resulting of years of selective breeding based on performance as opposed to looks.

How long does it take to train a dog to run with a sled?

Our dogs have a natural desire to run with a group - when free running they often run in pairs! When they are in harness for the first time, they will run but they need to learn manners - like don't jump on your brother, stay on your side of the line and stuff like that.

What position on the gangline do you choose for the dogs?
We choose the confident, smart, obedient, and fast dogs for leaders. We try to keep the stronger, bigger dogs at the back (wheel position) but making sure that the dogs running together get along is a priority.

What are the dogs favourite treat?

The dogs love meat - we are currently feeding fish as treats, they like the heads the best. We also feed beef fat and trimmings from a local butcher which they go nuts for. In the summer we will also give them bones.
The dogs get so excited when they sense a tour is about to happen, how do you choose which dogs to use?

In the mornings, before people arrive, we formulate our teams based on who needs to go today. Some dogs need to run more than others, so we make sure that everyone is getting adequate exercise according to their needs. The dogs don't know that though - so they may think that barking and jumping are the criteria we use! They do definitely know our routine when guests arrive though.

Your company has been praised as setting a great example for many sledding company’s/ kennels, when it comes to retiring and housing dogs for adoption, what is the best way to go about contacting you for dog adoption?
Thank you for saying that - we had never heard anything to that effect before. If people are interested in bringing a sled dog into their family, we would recommend coming for a visit and meeting the dogs. If there is one that they have a connection with, we encourage going for walk to see the dog outside of the kennel environment. Most of our dogs have limited experience on leash, in a home, and in a city - these are things that will take some adjustment time for both the dog and its new family. Once you have decided to adopt, we would like to take some time to work with that dog to ease some of this transition by bringing them indoors, on walks and so on. If for whatever reason you find that the dog is not a good fit for your family we would happily take them back into our kennel.

Final question, do you like cats?

We don't have cats, but are fond of them. We do plan on getting one or two to help with the mouse issue at our summer home this year.

I agree with all the feedback I was receiving about going on the Dog Sledding tour! It was such an awesome experience and I HIGHLY recommend everyone to give it a go and get involved as much as possible!

To book a tour with Mountain Man Adventures contact the Sun Peaks Adventure desk by phone on 250-578-5542, email: activities@sunpeaksresort.com or visit them directly in the Village Day Lodge.


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Full Moon Nordic Ski to McGillivray Lake Cabin

by Sarah10. February 2012 19:25

We've been having some fantastic bluebird days this past week and the snow is in superb condition. I took advantage of the crystal clear days and nights to go out on my first EVER Nordic ski. I tagged along with the group heading out on the Full Moon Ski to McGillivray Lake Cabin.

It was a perfect evening for it; the sun was just settling in for the night and the moon was in full glow, lighting the path so well that we didn't need to use our headlamps on the ski out to the cabin. As a first timer I managed to work out a good rhythm for the flats however the hills proved a challenging task but Phil Youwe (Nordic coordinator) gave me a few tips on the best approach to the uphill and down hill. Short quick steps putting pressure on each ski as I stepped uphill and on the downhill taking one foot out of the tracks and keeping my knees bent as I attempt to slice the pizza on the way down... It worked out very well as I only fell twice.

We arrived at the cabin just as the fire started roaring and wieners were ready to be cooked. I took advantage of the clear night to take a few long exposure photos then dug in to the food; the chocolate fondue was a delicious treat and was the perfect fuel for the return ski back to the village.

Heading back off into the still night was such a peaceful and surreal feeling, gliding through the trees it felt like you were the only one out there! But we would stop at certain points for the group to catch up. When we arrived back at the parking lot everyone was absolutely thrilled with the evening. Friederike (from Germany) and Cinzia (from Switzerland) were both stoked on the whole experience as well as Sun peaks Resort as a whole. Being my very first Nordic adventure I was sold and can't wait to get back out on the trails!

Our Nordic Program has grown this year with the appointment of the first Nordic Ski Coordinator position. We held Nordic Ski Camps on Jan. 28 and 29th which were extremely successful; everybody learned some great improvements on their classic and skating techniques.

We have also developed a Nordic Ski Program for the local school which is called the Discovery Center. We are teaching Nordic skiing to approx. 24 kids from grades 2-6.Our program started on Feb. 8 and runs on Feb. 15 and 29th.

Over the 2011–12 season, as well as the camps there are an assortment of new and popular activities on the Nordic Skiing events calendar such as the 3rd Annual Kookaburra Cup and still to come this season the Nordic Lunch Seminar with a focus on attire, equipment & waxing, The Holy Cow Nordic Loppet which is going to be a very fun day, the Nordic Lunch Seminar covering nutrition & hydration and on March 7 is the final Full Moon Nordic Ski out to McGillivray Lake Cabin. I would defiantly recommend signing up, as it is an amazing and tranquil experience one not to be missed!

For people interested in Nordic Skiing at Sun Peaks; there is also an introductory meeting on Feb. 26 at 4:00 PM in Bentos to discuss the forming of a Nordic Ski Club at Sun Peaks. If you are interested please feel free to attend and bring a friend. To make a reservation on any of our Nordic programs or for further information please contact the Sports School on 250-578-5505.

See you on the trails!

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Adaptive Snow Sports Festival

by Sarah6. February 2012 12:06

It was a perfect bluebird weekend as we hosted the Adaptive Snow Sports Festival. The theme for this year was “we can do this”; highlighting the work of students, volunteers and instructors involved with the adaptive program.

The group behind it all is the ASSP (Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks) and has been operating for 5 seasons. I spoke with Dick (one of the founders) and Terry Taylor about ASSP which operates as a NPO. Since starting they have relied on the generosity of many organizations to raise money or donate the necessary equipment needed for adaptive skiing; Sun Peaks Resort has supplied them with uniforms and offers local students a special rate on passes, only $10 for a day pass or $100 for a season pass. The North Kamloops Rotary, Blazers Sports Foundation and the Canadian Paralympics Committee are just a few of the organizations that have donated money towards their latest sit skis. ASSP are consistently looking for more volunteers and always open for donations. (Click here to go to their website).

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, you have to be a strong and confident skier as Level 1 only takes a weekend to achieve and its run by DSABC (Disabled Skiers Association of BC). You will then need one full season of real life experience to move onto level 2 which focuses on 4 track and 3 track skiing. After that you can progress onto level 2a aimed at more specific areas.

Being our 5th year of adaptive skiing programs at Sun Peaks Resort the popularity has continued to grow and we now have the addition of the Sno-Limo! The Sno-Limo is designed for everybody - young or old, able-bodied or disabled. I spoke with creator Paul Auger about the Sno-Limo, he said “it came about as he wanted EVERYBODY to enjoy and experience the snow and the rush of skiing down a hill!” These are the first of its kind as there is no other product/service out there which can cater to both able and disabled bodied persons. I took the opportunity to enjoy a ride in one and it was AWESOME! They are made in Canada and built so tough, that they can go down almost any run! However they normally stick to the groomed green and blue runs. They were pleased to be here and we are please to have them! Check out their website here for more info.

The following day the Guesstimation Race was held, although I was not able to attend I heard it was a lot of fun and they could give most ski racers a run for their money!

It was such an inspiring weekend, I will leave you with a quote from Terry Taylor which to me sums up the whole weekend “there are so many adaptions to way we can ski; we're only limited to our imagination!”

Have fun out there!


The Bros Ain't Pros Slopestyle

by Sarah4. February 2012 10:08

As the powder began to fall there was a slight possibility the event may have needed to be postponed. After a few practice hits, the general consensus amongst the organisers, judges and riders was to go ahead with the competition. No sooner than they made this decision the snow stopped falling. This meant there was enough speed to hit the jumps with a softer landing, adding another little incentive to pull some epic tricks out of their bags.

In the men's open ski category Kieran Nikula and Jarred Martin were hot on each others heels but in the end Jarred was flip'n to win and took out 1st place. The men's open snowboard was also close but Brad Reids frontside 720 rodeo off Showcase put him out on top.

The overall results were as follows:

Junior Ski:
1.    Dawson Freeze
2.    Kaden Hendry
3.    Jordan Goodall

Girls Open Ski:
1.    Casandra Ratcliffe
2.    Jenna Anderson

Men's Open Ski:
1.    Jarred Martin
2.    Kieran Nikula
3.    Stu Sykes

Junior Snowboard:
1.    Jared Wilman
2.    Jake Bells
3.    Jeremy Sale

Girls Open Snowboard:
1.    Hayley Petznick
2.    Zuzy Rocka

Men's Open Board:
1.    Brad Reid
2.    Geremy Guido
3.    Dom Oshanek

There were prizes awarded for other categories as well; the ‘Huckin It’ award was thrown to Justin Siray, ‘Best 540’ was awarded to Lance Machain and Myall Lucas took a HUGE fall and walked away with the ‘Best Bail’ prize!

This by the riders for the rider’s event was such a success that by the end of the day there were plans to organise another one!

For more photos head to our Facebook page and for the current standing on the “No Bail Peace Prize” check out the Terrain Park updates page. The Garden Rail Jam on Sunday 12th of February will be the final freestyle event in the series and the lucky winners will walk away with the cash prize!

See you at the Gardens!