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Fondue Dinner & Evening Descent

by Sarah14. January 2012 21:22

The air was crisp and cool as we boarded the Sunburst Express Chairlift and headed up under the twilight sky. I was quietly excited as it was my first ever experience of fondue.

Arriving at the top we were directed towards the Sunburst Restaurant where Thor, one of the star Sun Guides greeted us. There is no set seating and so creates a very social atmosphere. The main course was already laid out in front of us and looked so good! Once settled in and greetings were said we dug in and wow... It was amazing! Cheese on bread is okay, cheese on toast in good but bread dipped in boiling cheese, is a taste explosion like no other! I was told that there are two main cheeses needed for a fondue mix and on their own they are not that great but when combined and melted down together they create the delicious dip that was in front of us. The meat, seafood and vegetable varieties were also very good but the bread and cheese mix was defiantly the highlight for me.

Once everyone had their fill of the main course it was shortly followed by the desert. Chocolate fondue with a platter of fruit, marshmallows and biscuits it was a perfect combination!

We let the food settle for a bit while we were divided into four groups for the descent down. 5 mile had just been freshly groomed to perfection and everyone loved the fresh corduroy! It's a whole different feel going down in the dark; if you accidently came off 5 mile you could very easily lose your sense of direction and get disorientated. Luckily the ski down is lit with a row of lanterns and you are also given a headlight for added assistance. We would also stop a couple of times to do a head count... Just in case.

It was a fabulous night of scrumptious food, great people and excellent skiing; while your here at the resort, it's a definite Sun Peaks must do!

See you on the mountain or at the next fondue!



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