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Happy New Year!

by Sarah2. January 2012 21:40

The snow had been piling up all week, giving us almost half a meter in seven days. With conditions like this, Burfield is the place to be. From the Top of the World you have complete access to Mt. Tod and that certainly doesn't limit your choices of runs. Check out the video of the team getting amongst it!

We ended 2011 with the biggest New Year's events in Sun Peaks history. The entertainment began with musician Paxton Bachman and his band getting the crowd warmed up for the activities to follow. The kids were involved with a miniature torchlight parade using glowsticks allowing them to feel part of the festivities; until they're old enough to participate in the actual Sun Peaks Resorts Torchlight parade.

The excitement kicked up a notch as the 5th Annual First Flight Big Air took off. A mix of about 15 talented skiers and riders threw down some epic tricks. A warm up hit didn’t cross these athlete’s minds as straight off the bat they were going hard, pushing the limits and stoking the massive crowd. Massive rodeos, corked 9's, 10's and double back flips were just a few of the sweet tricks sent off Nancy.

Soon after, snaking its way down the mountain the glow of torchlight's could be spotted. Going back to the Tod Mountain days, the torchlight parade has been a festive tradition entertaining locals and visitors alike. In perfect synchronization the 200+ group of volunteers spread out into a huge line, starting the countdown to the fireworks display. Excuse the pun but they went off with a BANG! The entire village was captivated by the biggest fireworks show Sun Peaks has ever seen. The flashes of light danced across the night sky, painting an array of colours onto the black canvas. As the evening's events began to wrap up the crowd slowly departed, moving on to continue their celebrations at various venues throughout the village.

A time-lapse of the evenings events.

As time waits for no one, we said goodbye to 2011, a year for many of my friends and family back home are glad to see the end of. My hometown suffered the one of the worst natural disasters recorded in New Zealand's history. While the earthquakes are still occurring, everyone's looking forward and remaining positive as we head in to 2012.

“In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

I wish everyone all the best into the New Year!



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