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Snowmobiling at Sun Peaks

by Sarah5. February 2013 10:13

If you want to discover a new way to shred pow, then ditch the skis or snowboard for a few hours and hop on a snowmobile. As i recently discovered - it's a whole new world of fun times!

After meeting with our guide Jerry from BC snowmobile tours, we got fitted with protective gear and were given an overview on how the mobiles work. It was a chilly day and so I was pretty stoked to discover that the handlebars had electric heat warmers! We then headed off into the Sun Peaks back country where we rode a variety of different terrain - from cruising at high speed through wide open fields to carefully winding our way around relatively narrow tree trails. The scenery was stunning and unlike anything else I have seen since being at Sun Peaks. At one point we came across a fallen down tree which blocked our path, but Jerry was well equipped with his saw and the obstacle was soon removed. It was a great afternoon and as the only female driver in the group, I was pleased to be able to keep up with the boys - much to the surprise of Jerry and the rest of the group!

I admit that I'm a bit of an adventure sport enthusiast and so was eager to get behind the wheel, but you don't have to be a thrill seeker to enjoy snowmobiling! Tours cater for all abilities as well as individual needs so they can be a perfect family activity too. There are a number of different tours available; from a 2 or 4 hour trip to an evening expedition which includes a campfire and wiener roast dinner. Regardless of which tour you chose or where you explore, there's something really cool about being able to hammer a throttle and speed through white fluffy powder in a way you never will on your skis or board! For more information on Sun Peaks snowmobile tours click here





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