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Mt. Morrisey XC Bike Trails

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Lift Status

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Sunburst Express Chairlift Closed until the summer season
Trail Name
40. Dirt Jump Park Features doubles, step ups, and tables for intermediate to advanced riders. It is located right under the chairlift for your viewing pleasure.
1. Vista
2. Smooth Smoothie Our easiest trail in the Bike Park. This is a wide and gentle trail to start on that has switchbacks all the way down the mountain
3. Lever Lovers This trail is very similar to Smooth Smoothie, but with more technical sections.
4. Lower Shortcut This access road intersects with Kaboom, and Honey Drop offering an easy out if you're feeling tired.
10. Mach A great single track trail to step up your riding, and learn how to ride steep sections.
11. Barn Burner This intermediate machine made trail has lots of berms with a step up, step down, and some steep sections. Be sure to pin it on the last berm which is over six feet tall.
12. Ain't No Scrubs A rowdy machine made trail loaded with hits. Trail speed will send you over tables, doubles and step-ups with no pedaling required.
13. Way Out This trail offers an alternate route off Smooth Smoothie around the section of Ridge ski run with huge, steep, beautifully transitioning berms.
14. Route 66 This flowing machine made trail is filled with berms, and is suitable for a wide variety of abilities.
15. Spicy Taco Hang right off of lower Barn Burner for a relatively steep descent into some fun, technical single track through the trees and down to 5 Mile Road.
16. Root Dog Root Dog is a narrow, low grade, technical trail through the trees featuring a ton of roots.
17. Holy Rollers Pin it down this super fast and flowing trail with plenty of rollers and a couple small creek gaps.
18. Home Run An intermediate machine made trail suitable for a wide range of ability levels, featuring small hits and rollers down Homesteader ski run.
19. Wagon Wheel A fun, low grade, intermediate machine-made trail off of 5 Mile Road with transitioning berms and tons of optional jumps to get sideways on.
20. Zazel Track (AM) A fun single track trail with sections that require pedaling. An excellent trail to access the upper end of the village.
21. Resurrection New! A fast rolling, flowing single track with moderate grade. Features a natural trail surface with a couple jumps along the way.
27. Repeat Offender This machine made freeride trail is packed with relatively large doubles and big ol' berms to keep your speed up for hit after hit.
5. 5 Mile Road This is a wide dirt road used for trail connection. Please be aware of service vehicles on this road.
6. Road 04 This wide dirt road is used for trail connection. This road is shared with service vehicles so please use caution.
7. Altitude (XC) This advanced intermediate trail features a technically and physically challenging ride through sub-alpine forests and high alpine meadows with tons of roots, rocks, pristine single track, and epic views.
8. Big Rock Ride (XC) Maintenance in progress, use available detours. Choose your own adventure on this fun cross country trail, leading riders along great single track through vibrant wild flowers.
9. Gummy Bear A winding single track trail that has roots, rocks, short uphills, and short steep descents that will develop your skills as a mountain biker.
22. Sugar Low grade technical single track with short steep sections, roots, and plenty of wood. An epic ride paired with Sweet One.
23. Cat Trax A reasonably technical trail through the trees featuring a rock garden and tons of roots.
24. Kaboom Technical single track, rock faces, drops, and steep loose shale sections.
25. DH This trail begins with a full throttle descent with moderate rock drops. The trail then becomes single track. The final section of the trail is fast and flowing berms.
26. Hi Octane Hi-Octane is a braid of trail that can be accessed from DH or Barn Burner. This trail is single track all the way.
28. Steam Shovel This is our signature machine made trail for those who like to send it, and don't want to pedal. This trail features jumps, tables, and two rock faces.
29. Behind Bars (AM) Behind Bars features roots, intermediate wood work, and tons of cornering.
30. Keener A short, straight, and fast single track trail that connects Gnar-Boom to Steam Shovel.
31. Biker Cross The biker cross course features step ups, doubles, tables, a hip, and berm after berm.
32. Arm Pump Fun single track that rides really fast and flowy with a few technical sections that will test your bike handling skills.
33. Insanity One Insanity One is the most technical trail on the mountain with extremely steep sections. Just dropping into this trail takes some marbles.
34. Honey Drop Technical single track with loose dirt and drops. Definitely one of the hardest trails on the mountain.
35. Creeper This section drops off Steam Shovel and reconnects later down on the run. Creeper is a super technical single track trail side cut into the mountain.
36. Gnar-Boom Even gnarlier technical single track, rock faces, drops, and steep loose shale sections. Definitely not for the faint of heart.
37. Smitty's Steeps As the name implies, this trail is steep fall line shredding!
38. Sticky One New! A steep single track with technical rock sections and flowy corners.
39. Sweet One Single track loaded with wooden jumps and bridges over creeks. Look before you leap, it'll take you a few laps to master.