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BC Family Day Sets New Winter Records at Sun Peaks
February 12, 2013: Inaugural BC Family Day Results in Significant Increases in Business
Sun Peaks, BC - The Province's new BC Family Day holiday resulted in new records this past weekend for Sun Peaks Resort, B.C.'s second largest ski area.

"We experienced the third busiest day of the 2012-13 winter and the busiest February day on record ever," explains Darcy Alexander, General Manager and Vice President of Sun Peaks Resort Corporation.
Sun Peaks' skier visits over four days between Friday and Monday were 45 per cent ahead of 2012. Resort overnight occupancy levels for Friday, Saturday and Sunday were close to 60 per cent ahead of the same weekend last year.

Significant increases in business were reported from mountain resorts around the province which translates directly into substantial new B.C. tax revenue for provincial services. The incremental revenues would have been completely bypassed if the holiday shared the same date as the USA holiday.
"The government got it right," explains Alexander. "If the new BC Family Day weekend was placed on the US President's Day weekend, far fewer B.C. residents would have been able to enjoy their own province. Thank goodness the USA President's Day and BC Family Day did not overlap. It allowed B.C. residents to enjoy their own province and had a significant impact on provincial revenues."
Sun Peaks has positioned itself as BC's Family Day Resort. Weekend festivities included village celebrations and children's  fun races as well as a 50 per cent off alpine lift ticket for B.C. residents on the Monday. The next BC Family Day is scheduled for February 10, 2014 and details on Sun Peaks' new promotions for the holiday will be announced shortly.
Photos of BC Family Day:

For further information please contact:
Darcy Alexander
Vice President, General Manager
Sun Peaks Resort Corporation
Christopher Nicolson
Tourism Sun Peaks


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