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Driving to Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks Resort is the closest resort in the interior of British Columbia from the Lower Mainland.

ATTENTION GPS AND GOOGLE MAPS USERS!  The best, easiest, and most direct route to Sun Peaks Resort is via Highway 5 North, exiting at Tod Mountain Road by Heffley Creek, BC. Some GPS providers and Google Maps suggest an alternative dirt back road route off of Highway 1 near Pritchard, BC, and Chase, BC. This route is not recommended for winter travel.

  Driving Time to Sun Peaks Distance to Sun Peaks
Kamloops, BC 45 minutes 50 km / 31 miles
Vancouver, BC 4.25 hours 407 km / 235 miles
Whistler, BC 4.50 hours 355 km / 221 miles
Hope, BC 2.50 hours 260 km / 162 miles
Kelowna, BC 2.75 hours 246 km / 153 miles
Jasper, AB 5.00 hours 449 km / 279 miles
Banff, AB 6.00 hours 557 km / 346 miles
Calgary, AB 8.00 hours 675 km / 421 miles
Edmonton, AB 9.00 hours 813 km / 505 miles
Seattle, WA 5.50 hours 518 km / 322 miles

Click here to open a driving map to Sun Peaks Resort in PDF.

Driving Map to Sun Peaks
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