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Hiking Tips

Please take the time to read our valuable tips before heading out hiking and sightseeing in the alpine.

If you should have any further questions about hiking at Sun Peaks please contact Guest Services at 250.578.5474.

  • Proper planning is important. Obtain a trail map, which contains elevations, trail distances, and time estimates. Ensure that you check the weather conditions and forecast at either Guest Services, or online here.
  • It's very important to tell someone of your plans, and when you expect to return. In an emergency, this could help with the rescue. Check in with them when you get back.
  • Ensure everyone has a great day by choosing a hike that is suitable for your entire group. If you are not sure what hike is best for you ask the team at Guest Services, or Mountain Patrol at the top of the Sunburst Express chairlift.
  • Never hike alone. Always go with a friend or in a group.
  • The temperature is always cooler in the mountains, so plan and dress accordingly. Dressing in synthetic layers is highly recommended, and always bring more clothes than you need in the event that the weather changes. If you need advice on what to wear, or would like to purchase hiking outerwear visit any of our shops located in the village.
  • Take plenty of water—2 or 3 quarts per person. Staying hydrated will help maintain your energy level.
  • Make sure to take food with you. Pack high energy snacks like granola, energy or fruit bars, trail mixes, fruit, candy, beef jerky, bagels, or pita bread. Always remember to pack out what you pack in.
  • Always pack a whistle. Three short whistles mean you are in trouble and need assistance.
  • Tread lightly, take only pictures and leave only foot prints. Help preserve our alpine flowers and vegetation for generations to come by staying on the designated trail system.
  • Please stay on marked hiking trails, and know where you are on the hiking trail system at all times. It is also important that we respect the designated trail systems for safety reasons, so hikers are strongly urged to avoid the Bike Park trail system.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Take the time to look around when hiking, and take note of the many landmarks that can help with navigation.
  • Never approach animals. Educate yourself on how to handle encounters with animals in the wild.
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