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Resort Transit Service

Winter 2015–16 Operating Schedule
Friday to Sunday November 21 to April 10
  • December 19 to January 23
  • February 8
  • February 13–21
  • March 11–28
Route Information
The bus service route starts from the Village Day Lodge (VDL) then heads to the east end of the resort near Woodhaven and Parking Lot 5 (P5). The bus then returns to the west end of the resort making a stop at the VDL before proceeding down Fairways Drive and Burfield Drive. From Burfield Drive the bus then returns to the VDL on Sun Peaks Road. Bus stop locations are easily located in Sun Peaks Resort by red signs that simply state ‘Bus Stop.’ The entire loop takes approximately 30 minutes. Please see the schedule below for the main bus stops. To view all the bus stop locations on the village map, click here.
Pick Up / Drop Off Locations & Schedule
VDL P5 VDL Burfield Drive
8:20am 8:25am 8:30am 8:35am
8:50am 8:55am 9:00am 9:05am
9:20am 9:25am 9:30am 9:35am
9:50am 9:55am 10:00am 10:05am
10:20am 10:25am 10:30am 10:35am
10:50am 10:55am 11:00am 11:05am
11:50am 11:55am 12:00pm 12:05pm
12:50pm 12:55pm 1:00pm 1:05pm
1:20pm 1:25pm 1:30pm 1:35pm
1:50pm 1:55pm 2:00pm 2:05pm
2:20pm 2:25pm 2:30pm 2:35pm
2:50pm 2:55pm 3:00pm 3:05pm
3:20pm 3:25pm 3:30pm 3:35pm
3:50pm 3:55pm 4:00pm 4:05pm
4:20pm 4:25pm 4:30pm END
*Schedule is subject to change without notice.
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