2018 BC DH Championships at Sun Peaks Resort

Posted July 11, 2018.

The BC DH Championships and BC Cup hit Sun Peaks this past weekend, bringing with it some of the province’s fastest riders ready to throw down on our legendary race course. A rainy start to the summer, plus some more showers in the days leading up to the race, allowed the Trail Crew to have the track running the best we’ve seen it for a long time before the weather cleared on Sunday ready for a race under sunny skies.

Racers On the Sunburst Chairlift
Beauty weather for race day.

The fastest time of the day was a scorching lap of 04:47.14 by UCI Elite Men’s winner Luke Stevens out of Revelstoke, while Kamloops rider Kyleigh Stewart took home the UCI Elite Women’s title. We were stoked to see local Sun Peaks riders Emily Perrins and Gabe Neron standing on top of podiums at the end of the day too!

Race Winner Luke Stevens of Revelstoke, BC
Luke Stevens pushed hard right to the finish line to record the quickest lap of the day and take the victory.

The Sun Peaks course forces riders to focus right from the get go thanks to the ‘Hollywood’ drop at the top of Insanity One. Just metres from the start line, the feature offers up an early challenge (or chance to show off) for racers in front of plenty of spectators next to the trail and on the chairlift above.

Racer on Insanity One
Kaegan Murphy faces up to Insanity One's first challenge.
DH Racer on Insanity One
There are are a multitude of lines to pick down the rocks, but many riders, like Brisbane's Akira Yamada, choose the fastest way- skipping them entirely.

After the initial rock face Insanity One swings a right and heads into the forest, ready to test racers with plenty more steep, rocky terrain.

Racer on Insanity One
UCI U17 Sport Men's rider Kahleb Bosson took the techy sections in his stride. 
Racer at Sun Peaks Resort
Sun Peaks local and Bike Park regular Mattias Grunling cracked the top ten in the UCI U15 Men's division. 
DH Racer at Sun Peaks Resort
Kyle Mitchell from Powell River floating over a root section.

After Insanity One, the course hits Sticky One, known for it's infamous finishing feature- a rock slab that has sent plenty of racers into the trees in previous years. 

Gabe Neron at the BC DH Championships in Sun Peaks.
Sun Peaks local Gabe Neron, aka the 'Flyin' Frenchman', showing laser like focus on the way to winning his UCI Junior Sport Men division by an impressive 10 seconds. 
DH Racer at Sun Peaks Resort
Kei Nakai had no problem mastering Sticky One.
Female Racer at Sun Peaks Bike Park
Aleda Toronitz from Brentwood Bay charging her way to second spot in the UCI Junior Women division. 
Female Racer at Sun Peaks Bike Park
Ainhoa Ijurko blasting through the same section on her way to besting Aleda for top spot on the UCI Junior Women's podium.

After Sticky One there's no rest for the riders as they head into another section of our renowned steeps, Honey Drop, before the course finally relents on Resurrection, easing up on the difficulty a bit as the racers sprint for the finish with burning legs and aching hands.

DH Racer at Sun Peaks Resort
No rest for Rossland's Logan Merringer as he looks to finish strong.
DH Racer at Sun Peaks Resort
Do style points count in DH races? Simon Tellier hopes so.

As the final riders of the day crossed the line to the cheers of the crowd and urging of the MC, attention was already turning to the results board. Line choice, practice, fitness, luck, and good old fashioned courage were all distilled down to a series of small black numbers on the pages fastened to the wall. As each rider squinted to read the small print, yells of triumph or sounds of regret reverberated around the mountains. Scroll down for full results.

Race Results Board at the BC DH Chmpionships

Podium at BC DH Championships in Sun Peaks

Podium at BC DH Championships in Sun Peaks

Podium at BC DH Championships in Sun Peaks

Podium at BC DH Championships in Sun Peaks

Podium at BC DH Championships in Sun Peaks

Podium at BC DH Championships in Sun Peaks

Podium at BC DH Championships in Sun Peaks

Congratulations to all of the racers this weekend and we hope you enjoyed the course here in Sun Peaks! Thank you to Cycling BC, the event organisers, and all our volunteers for another awesome DH racing event. See you next year!

Final Results:

Open Men (17-29)

  1. Akira Yamada

  2. Shawn O'Keefe

  3. Sterling Christenson

Open Men (30+)

  1. Kyle Proznick
  2. Balazs Demeter
  3. Jesse McClintock

Open Men (13-16)

  1. Joshua Taylor
  2. Chase Eagleton
  3. Kye Melnechuk

Open Women (17-29)

  1. Emily Perrins
  2. Julia Van Vuuren
  3. Bianna Kelly

UCI Master Men (40-49)

  1. Darren Larson
  2. Arden Greanya
  3. Chad Hendren

UCI Master Men (50+)

  1. John Nihsner
  2. Pete Zablotney
  3. Colby Gordon

UCI Master Women (30+)

  1. Caroline Rousselle

UCI U17 Sport Men (15-16)

  1. Samuell English
  2. Pete Verheyde
  3. Jack Pelland

UCI U15 Sport Men (13-14)

  1. Bodhi Kuhn
  2. Tegan Cruz
  3. Jackson Goldstone

UCI Junior Sport Men (17-18)

  1. Gabriel Neron
  2. Matthew Griffith
  3. Gavin Patterson

UCI Senior Men (19-29)

  1. Kolt Hoyle
  2. Joshua Regan
  3. Nat McGrath

UCI Master Men (30-39)

  1. George Amos
  2. Nate Briggs
  3. Alex Matthew

UCI U17 Expert Men (15-16)

  1. Patrick Laffey
  2. Seth Sherlock
  3. Jakob Jewett

UCI Junior Women (15-18)

  1. Ainhoa Ijurko
  2. Aleda Toronitz
  3. Bailey Goldstone

UCI Junior Expert Men (17-18)

  1. Keegan Fry
  2. Justin Clements
  3. Wilson Thompson

UCI Elite Women

  1. Kyleigh Stewart
  2. Crystal Townsend

UCI Elite Men

  1. Luke Stevens
  2. Jeremy McDowell
  3. Adam Woodhouse

You can view the full list of results here.

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All photos by Sam Egan of Cedar Line Creative. Photos of the race are available for purchase on Roots & Rain.