The past months have been packed with park laps, alpine hiking, and so many activities. Many of you shared your summer moments with us using #sunpeaks360. These 10 inspiring posts have us reminiscing already!

1. A kaleidoscope of colours. Wildflowers fill the alpine every summer.


2. Dogs love wildflowers too! This dog enjoyed them on a walk from the Sun Peaks village. 

3. Hanging out at the local watering hole. The Whitecroft waterfall is just a 10-minute drive down the road.

4. A black bear spotted enjoying the downhill bike trails.

5. Strolling under the twinkling lights of the village.

6. Sun Peaks patrollers taking in the double rainbow before a race to the bottom.

7. In awe of the landscape. A hiker follows a wildflower-dotted trail.

8. Leap of faith. Sending it in the Sun Peaks Bike Park.

9. Smooth as glass. Taking a moment to reflect on the beautiful views of the Sun Peaks Golf Course.


10. A green glow. Soaking up the late-night northern lights at McGillivray Lake.