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Want to bike around the world in one day? Head to the South Thompson Shuswap.

The area’s thousands of kilometres of maintained trails touch wind through just about every ecosystem on the planet. Want soaring mountain paths with technical, fast descents? Pedal at Sun Peaks Resort. Want wide-open trails through an arid desert or golden grassland? See you in Kamloops. Would you rather weave through a lush forest filled with pristine lakes and flowing waterfalls? Hustle to Shuswap.

A day, weekend or week spent biking in the South Thompson Shuswap is an adventure through one of the most geographically diverse places on earth. Here are the 11 different environments you can bike through on the trails of this famous mountain biking destination.

<strong>Mid-Mountain</strong> Photo by @sunpeaksresort
<strong>Rich Grasslands</strong> Photo by @mntchica
<strong>Desert</strong> Photo by @riffstills
<strong>Alpine</strong> Photo by @riffstills
<strong>Boreal Forest</strong> Photo by @steveshannonphoto
<strong>Dry Grasslands</strong> Photo by @foresterafield
<strong>Freshwater</strong> Photo by @dylansherrard
<strong>Wetlands</strong> Photo by @mudinmytoes
<strong>Alpine Meadows</strong> Photo by @dylansherrard
<strong>Temperate Forest</strong> Photo by @kirk_holt_63
<strong>Tundra (for the daring)</strong> Photo by @beardofbeez

Want to bike through all 11 environments?

These links will help you make that dream come true. We'll see you on the trails soon.