Despite its quick ending, this past winter was one for the books with plenty of deep powder and sunny days. Re-live the 2019/20 season with 12 of our favourite #sunpeaks360 shares.


1. A stunning snowy scene at the covered bridge. 

2. The happy Bride and Groom go for a post-nuptial shred. 

3. Local riders take on a rail jam in the village.

4. Behind the scenes. Lone Wolf Productions captures a sunset drone shot on a video shoot.

5. A winter wonderland march on the snowshoe trails.

6. Taking in the stunning vistas of the Nordic trails.

7. Charging into the sun on a dogsled tour.

8. Sun Peaks’ famous cord glistening in the sun.

9. A young local sends it in the park.

10. Fresh perspective on the Elevation chairlift. 

11. Soaking in the end of the day rays. 

12. Cheers to winter patio hangs!