Stand Up Paddleboarding

There are few better feelings in the world than paddling on one of the iconic lakes of the South Thompson Shuswap.

Surrounded by incredible scenery and tranquil waters, a SUP experience in this area is a true escape into natural Canada. Done in large groups, couples or just all alone, standing on the region’s lakes is an essential activity when visiting the South Thompson Shuswap. Just have a look at some of the remarkable places where you can paddle.

Now, can you imagine walking on the waters of the South Thompson Shuswap?  Of course you can, because stand up paddleboarding can be done by anyone regardless of their age or fitness level.If you can surf the internet to find this blog, you can surely SUP.

Now that you’ve made your decision to walk on the waters of the South Thompson Shuswap, here are a few tips for your paddling trip.

<strong>Sign up for a lesson or guided adventure.</strong> Photo by @peterolsenphotography

The South Thompson Shuswap is known for its friendly and active residents. Hire one to take you on a SUP expedition! The businesses listed at the bottom of this blog all offer lessons for beginners and guided excursions for the adventurous. SUP is simple and easy to learn, but lessons can help even the most tentative paddlers feel comfortable on the peaceful waters of the South Thompson Shuswap.

<strong>Look at the horizon.</strong> Photo by @czrun

There are a few reasons for this.  One, looking into the distance will stabilize you on your board and make you more balanced.  Two, the scenery is not to be missed.  The South Thompson Shuswap has one of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in the country.  You wouldn’t want to miss it by staring at your board!

<strong>Try more than one lake.</strong> Photo by @dumakye

The South Thompson Shuswap is full of picturesque and unique lakes. Each one has its own distinct features and surrounding landscape. Some are smaller and nestled within the mountains like Heffley Lake near Sun Peaks Resort while larger options like Kamloops Lake and Shuswap Lake are more open and full of coastline to explore. If you're really adventurous, take a journey down one of the area's rivers!

<strong>Smaller lakes have less wind.</strong> Photo by @bestsunpeaks

Most of the area’s smaller lakes sit within forested regions or at the base of mountains.  This means they’re sheltered from the wind and offer a more peaceful, still experience.  If you like to move a little faster, the area’s larger lakes will provide you with a small boost of wind to help you cover some water space!

Jump in, the water is warm.

The sunny, pleasant weather of the South Thompson Shuswap contributes to the water temperature of the area’s lakes.  Between mid-June and mid-September, the water is warm and perfect for a swim.  Shuswap Lake regularly reaches a water temperature of 25 degrees in the peak of summer, so jump right in!

<strong>Bring lunch to eat on a secret beach.</strong> Photo by @kayadventures

When you are on a SUP board, you are free to explore.  Many of the area’s lakes have kilometres of uninhabited coastline.  Paddle right up to the shore and you can have a secluded lunch on your own private beach.

<strong>Forget your age.</strong> Photo by @paddlesurfit

It doesn't matter what year you were born, SUP is for everyone. There's nothing better than a day on a lake and with the calm waters of the South Thompson Shuswap and dedicated instructors, stand up paddleboarding is a safe activity for any visitor to enjoy.

<strong>Go at sunrise or sunset.</strong> Photo by @riffstills

From sunrise to sunset, the South Thompson Shuswap is strikingly beautiful.  A mid-day paddle will be scenic and incredible but a sunrise or sunset paddle will be unforgettable.  Is there anything more peaceful than watching the sun rise or fall over the mountains while you float in the middle of a still lake?

<strong>Bring your phone on board in a waterproof bag. You'll want pictures.</strong> Photo by @tcdixon3

A SUP experience in the South Thompson Shuswap is visually stunning. Capture the moment on board with a camera and don't forget to add these hashtags when you share your photo!


<strong>Book a board through a local business.</strong> Photo by @paddlesurfit

The South Thompson Shuswap is quickly growing a reputation as the premier place to paddle in Canada and the area has local businesses to help support SUP beginners and enthusiasts. Call one of these locals business to both rent your board and to get insider tips on where you should take it!

Sun Peaks supports and acknowledges Transport Canada's regulations with regard to SUP in Canada. Images used in this blog have been user-generated and may have been taken before new legislation was introduced. Sun Peaks does not recommend paddle boarding without appropriate safety gear, including PFDs and leashes.