In the winter of 2012/2013, the hashtag #SunPeaks360 was created to capture Sun Peaks’ expansive terrain and stunning views. With Mt. Morrisey’s terrain on the south side of the village, the layout of the resort gives guests a unique 360 degree ski experience surrounding our village. As Tod Mountain is the highest peak in the area visitors get unobstructed 360 views from the Top of the World, in both winter and summer.

The First #SunPeaks360 share

This photo was the first to be shared with us using #SunPeaks360 on February 9, 2013.  

30,000 Shares Later

Now, just over five years later, over 30,000 photos have been shared with this hashtag. Through the years we have noticed seven #SunPeaks360 photo locations frequently appear:

#SunPeaks360 Map

Sun Peaks Village Stroll

Our picturesque village is nestled at the base of three mountains and makes for a great Instagram shot. Whether it is covered in a blanket of snow or basking in the sun, the colourful buildings always look picture perfect.  

Ski Hill

Snowghosts, endless powder stashes, blue skies and warm sunlight are all factors that make our 4,270 acres of ski terrain stand out. No wonder we keep seeing you all sharing your photos from the slopes!

Cross Country and Snowshoe Trails

Tucked away in the valley you will find a large network of peaceful cross country and snowshoe trails that are ready to be explored. Over the years a number of you have shared your beautiful experiences from these areas.

Shops and Restaurants

Take a walk down the Village Stroll and wander in and out of the local shops and restaurants of Sun Peaks. These unique businesses offer a variety of different photo opportunities to share some of Sun Peaks’ specialties.  

Bike Park

In our summer months bike riders love to explore our downhill Bike Park. The trails range from flowy greens to single track double black diamonds, all featuring a variety of beautiful natural elements to capture and share. 

Hiking Trails

Hiking up into the alpine in the summer months makes for some stunning shots. From an alpine lake, to the peak of Mt. Tod and fields full of wildflowers, the trails are perfect for everyone. 

MCC & Tubing

You don’t have to be on top of a mountain to have fun in Sun Peaks. A portion of the ski hill transforms to Mountain Cross Carts in the summer and tubing in the winter. 

Thanks for 30,000 shares! Don’t forget to keep using #SunPeaks360.