New Year's Eve 2016

What a season it has been for 2016/17! As another winter comes to a close, we reminisce over some great times. This past winter brought in some uncommon weather patterns and, as the winter season ends, we’ve heard people in the village boasting things like “this was the best snow we’ve had for as long as I can remember!” 

We patiently waited when our pre-season temps were jumping around like a rollercoaster’s silhouette. But, when the snow decided to stay, boy did Mother Nature ever deliver! Our season ended with some of the best powder we’ve seen yet. 

Here’s a look back at 2016/17:

Snow capped mountain
A pre-season shot of a snow capped Mt. Tod. The white stuff was creeping down the mountain, we just had to wait for it. Photo: @cedarlinecreative
Feet up with a hot drink
Feet up, with a hot drink, is one of the best ways to wait for an early season storm. Like someone hit a switch, the snow arrived in the village in November. Photo: @britt.d.crozier
Snowy trees and powder turns
Snowy trees and powder turns were enjoyed during our opening weekend. The best conditions were found up top. Photo: @hikingcorry
After the snow accumulated, the cold weather system came in creating a sundog for several days. The sundog reappeared several times during this past season. Photo by @gillyy__ at the top of the Sunburst Chairlift. 
Dog Sled
Skiers weren’t the only ones stoked on our snow conditions. The teams at Mountain Man Dog Sled Adventures were ready to go and loving the cold snap. Photo: @mmadvdogsled 
Fireworks view from Mt. Morrisey
We rang in 2017 with our annual village celebration. The Big Air Invitational kicked off the evening, followed by a torchlight parade down the mountain and ended with a fireworks display. Photo: @riffstills 
Blue sky over the village
Straight out of a storybook, the blue sky arrived over our charming village just in time for World Snow Day. Photo by @chadharrisbc 
Nordic ski trail
Sunshine, skinny skis and not a soul in sight. Whether alone or with friends, Nordic skiers revelled in our fantastic conditions all season long. Photo: @hikebiketravel
Sunrise in the hills
A prime time for a photo shoot—Reuben Krabbe, and skiers Suz Graham and Kieran Nikula, went on an early morning search for the perfect light. Photo: kierannikula
Bride and Groom
The winter can be the perfect setting for magical moments like this one. Photo by @hollylouwerse.
Snow covered roof
“Like iced gingerbread houses.” Our village looked especially charming with a beautiful dusting of snow. Photo by @sightseer56
Ski racers podium
The next generation of ski racers met at Sun Peaks during the HUB International Nancy Greene Festival. Over 500 kids participated this past season. Photo: @zuzyrocka
Stage with mountain
Snowbombing Canada dropped-in early April for their four day music festival. 11 stages, countless performers and an all-around good time for thousands of festival-goers. We hadn’t seen that many colourful onesies since the Burfield was a double chair. Photo: Justine Trickett/@fanaticlive
April powder day
Epic conditions right ‘til the end, with 24cm of fresh powder falling just in time for closing weekend. Photo: @riffstills