Sabrina Hunter

Photo by Sabrina Hunter

Sun Peaks through Our visitors' eyes

We still have time left this season for you to snap an Instagram pic or two. As the shares have rolled in this summer, we noticed some repeat locations popping up. So here's a list of the most notable spots in Sun Peaks that people share with their followers (and friends!). That's not to say there aren't many more in Sun Peaks, but these five popular spots continue to inspire social media sharing. 

Sun Peaks Village Stroll

Our village stroll looks like something out of a fairy tale. It has a European feel, right in the heart of BC’s interior. Visitors and locals alike can’t help but snap a few pics.  

Top of Tod Mountain

Explorers love sharing their trips to Tod Mountain Summit. It is the highest peak in our area, so of course it is worth a snap when hikers reach the top. Stopping by Tod Mountain Lake on the way is popular too, but those who reach the peak definitely deserve a shout out.

Sunburst Chairlift

Now this one is for all ages and ability levels! From families to solo parties, selfies to shoe-shots, we have seen loads of happy Instagrammers sharing their experiences on the chairlift ride to mid-mountain and back down. 

The Covered Bridge

A.k.a. where the heart-shaped rock can be found. This is a popular spot for social sharers because it is one of our outdoor wedding venues. So not only do the bride, groom and their photographer want to share, but the pristine landscaping and beautiful hanging baskets make this spot worth capturing on any occasion.

McGillivray Lake

During the summer months, the voyageur canoe tours, along with our canoe and kayak rentals, are at McGillivray Lake. But guests don’t have to be on the water to enjoy the lakeside views. Cross-country mountain bike trails lead to the lake, making it a fantastic (and photogenic) turnaround point.

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