Apr 13 2017

Sun Peaks, BC (April 13, 2017) - Sun Peaks Resort LLP General Manager Darcy Alexander announced today that the resort’s Director of Skiing, Nancy Greene Raine, is undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer. Nancy will have her thyroid removed in Kelowna today and will rest and recover over the coming weeks.  Additional cancer treatment will begin within four or five weeks to manage the suspected spread of cancer cells.

Mr. Alexander requested that both the public and media respect Nancy’s privacy so that she can focus her energy on full recovery. Sun Peaks Resort LLP will issue updates as more medical information becomes available.

Nancy and her husband Al Raine remain very positive about the outcome of these treatments. Thyroid cancer is known to be one of the most treatable types of cancer.

Nancy Greene Raine, a sitting Canadian Senator, plans to return to her Senate duties as soon as possible following treatment.

Darcy Alexander
General Manager
Sun Peaks Resort
Office: 250.578.5502