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The Ultimate Sun Peaks Ski Guide
May 25

The Ultimate Sun Peaks Ski Guide

Adam Bisby, International Traveller Magazine

You know a ski resort caters to families when there’s a public school up on its slopes. Such is the case with Sun Peaks which, in 2015, became Canada’s second-largest ski and snowboard destination after a 200-hectare expansion on two of its three mountains.

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Sun Peaks Record Breaking Winter
April 06

Record Breaking Year at Sun Peaks Resort

Khang Nguyen, Kamloops BC Now

Sun Peaks has had their best winter season ever.

Once the season ends on April 10, the resort would have had over 350,000 visitors, breaking the current record that was set in 2008.

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Nancy Greene
January 27

ki with Canadian Olympic Legend Nancy Greene at Sun Peaks Resort

Steve MacNaull, Toronto Sun

My ski companion tells me to keep my head up and stop fixating on the tips of the skis.

I immediately correct my gaze to the horizon, my stance improves and I start gliding down the slope smoothly with confidence.

I have the best instructor on the planet - Olympic gold medalist Nancy Greene.

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Ski Trends
December 18

6 Trends to Watch for This Ski Season

Louise Hudson, Houston Chronicle

Ski resorts are offering wider winter-sports lineups these days to keep existing customers interested and attract new demographics. Equipment improvements are spawning new activities, and social media are broadcasting the buzz. Here's a rundown of what's trending around U.S. and Canadian resorts this season.

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Boosting Avalanche Skills
November 19

B.C. Ski Resorts Boosting Avalanche Skills Awareness

Adam Bisby, The Globe and Mail

On the northeastern flank of British Columbia’s 2,408-metre Terminator Peak, a group of 10 skiers, some with avalanche transceivers in hand, charge into a small stand of pines.

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