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Nordic Trail Status

Updated at 6:50 AM on February 13, 2016

Trail Notes
Backcountry Trail Note: Please beware of possible downed trees on backcountry Nordic trails and ski with caution. Trails will be cleared as soon as possible however this season's abundant snowpack and recent conditions have resulted in a higher than usual occurrence of these hazards. Thank you and enjoy the trails!
Groomed & Trackset Nordic Trails
Over 34km total distance.
Green Trails Ability Status Notes
Village Trail Groomed & Trackset  
Vista Trail Groomed & Trackset  
McGillivray Lake Trail Groomed & Trackset  
Cotton Tail Groomed & Trackset  
Chickadee Groomed & Trackset  
Nut Hatch Groomed & Trackset  
Raven Ramble Groomed & Trackset  
Heinz’s Way Groomed & Trackset  
Raven Return Groomed & Trackset  
Intermediate Trails Ability Status Notes
Blue Grouse Groomed & Trackset  
Black Bear Groomed & Trackset  
Great Grey Groomed & Trackset  
Moose Track Groomed & Trackset  
Otter Loop Groomed & Trackset  
Holy Cow Groomed & Trackset  
Pony Loop Groomed & Trackset  
Whiskey Jack Groomed & Trackset  
Advanced Trails Ability Status Notes
Stellar Jay Loop Groomed & Trackset  
En Garde Groomed & Trackset  
Backcountry Nordic Trails
Backcountry trails are not part of the Sun Peaks groomed and patrolled trail system; they are operated in conjunction with the Province of BC and the Kamloops Outdoor Club.

These trails are not recommended for those new to the trail system or new to touring on ungroomed trails.
Backcountry Trails Ability Status Notes
Screech Owl Open  
Lynx Trail Open  
Ermine Open  
Bobcat Open  
Deer Run Open  
Cougar Open  
Bruin Romp Open  
Mt. Morrisey Road Open  
Wolverine Open  
Mt. Morrisey Link Open  
Fisher Open  
Martin Open  
Crossing Open  
Mt. Morrisey Circuit Open