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Bike Park Updates

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Recent News
2014 Update #6: Taking Care of Business

July 10, 2014: The weather’s been perfect up here with mostly blue skies and comfortable temperatures, and just enough rain in the mix to keep the trails in primo condition. With a solid opening under our belts and the fresh trail getting ridden in, the past two weeks have been spent tying up loose ends to get the park open in its entirety; fine tuning new trail, water course management, and getting the remaining trails open to the public. 

Our trifecta of eastward facing intermediate trails; ‘Mach’, ‘Gummy Bear’, and ‘Barn Burner’, always take a little longer to dry out but are now all open to ride with work done to restore some of the original corners, and cleaning out the regular winter damage. 

We were able to open ‘Sugar’ from top to bottom for opening day and have been getting rave reviews flowing in from day one. Now it’s time to continue down the mountain with this classic route and get into ‘Sweet One’! Recent scouting missions down this drainage have given us a chance to begin dealing with logging and water damage, while plotting some reroutes and updates to bring this trail back to its former glory. We’ve got our work cut out for us and it’s been a few years in the making, but it’ll all be worth it with that first ‘Sugar-to-Sweet One’ descent!

Tuning our new lift accessed cross country trail, ‘Altitude’, is next on the horizon. Stay tuned for news on this big development in the high alpine. Best of luck to everyone racing out there this weekend, we hope you enjoy the course and the beautiful weather! 

- Sun Peaks Bike Park Team

Big Rock Ride XC Trail Now Open For Riding!
July 6, 2014: Our lift accessed cross country trail 'Big Rock Ride' opened yesterday so we thought we'd better get out to put rubber to dirt for a little product testing. The trail's in beautiful shape and features some stunning views to compliment the single track. Come on up for some lift accessed riding!

2014 Update #5: Opening Fresh, Tomorrow Morning!

With only a day’s time standing in the way of lift accessed descents, the Sun Peaks Bike Park is ready to ride and we’re chomping at the bit to get out there! Mother Nature has shown her love for her fellow cyclists (we just assume she rides, why wouldn’t she?) providing the perfect amount of precipitation over the past couple weeks, making for perfect conditions for fine tuning all the new features and revamped sections of existing trail.

Sun Peaks Bike Park Trail Crew Update - Park Opens Tomorrow Morning! from Sun Peaks Resort TV on Vimeo.

The old wooden wall ride on ‘Steam Shovel’ has been a fun feature for years, but time had finally caught up with it and an alternative was needed.  You’ll now find a drop leading you into a giant berm in its wake, checking speeds before the final jump line which has also seen a complete makeover.

Last summer we were able to completely rework most of Smooth Smoothie with a wider trail full of berms and small features, which has now been completed all the way to the bottom thanks to a couple days of machine time. This buffed and flowy trail is great for beginners to get a feel of the park, and for riders of all levels to shake off the rust before stepping up to more advanced trails.

As always please scope out any new features before riding them, as many of your favourite trails have seen substantial changes since your last ride. We hope to see all your smiling faces out on the trails tomorrow morning, and we wish you all a great first day in the park!

- Sun Peaks Bike Park Team 

Anthill Films Preview the Park with Matt Hunter & Thomas Vanderham
June 25, 2014: The Anthill Films crew brought Matt Hunter and Thomas Vanderham up to session the park today, filming a segment for an upcoming Sony Dream Capture video using the versatile Sony Action Cam! We won’t spoil your viewing experience by leaking any more details but it sounds like they’ve got yet another awesome video in the works. The guys were stoked with the pre-season trail conditions out there, and they’re all yours to shred with lift access starting this Friday! We snapped a few shots as they dropped into ‘Homerun’, stay tuned for the video coming soon.

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2014 Update #4: Increase flow. Increase airtime. Decrease braking. Check!

June 19, 2014: After two weeks of seemingly endless berm slapping, picking rocks, and chin scratching in 'Biker Cross', we’re excited to announce the release of a “trail preview” video coming next week before opening day. In the meantime… new additions to 'Biker Cross' include a smaller ‘Bone-Air’ log jump to get riders progressing up to the larger one in the ‘Flow Zone’, as well as rebuilt jumps and transfers. Stay tuned for a full walk/ride through the new and improved ‘Biker Cross’, here’s a little photo magic to keep you on the edge of your seat:        

The thrashed and aged exit from ‘Steam Shovel’ and ‘Route 66’ is something we inevitably return to multiple times a season for repairs, so we decided it was time for a new plan of attack. The high speeds coming out of the first berm had riders grabbing a lot of brake coming into the second corner, resulting in berm damage and a serious lack of fun at the end of this excellent section of trail. To address this issue we extended the first corner into another switchback to alleviate the need for so much braking, improving the integrity and longevity of these final corners. That’s right folks, no more dreading that final section before dropping into the ‘Flow Zone’! 

One of our most popular stretches of trail, the final straight line of jumps on Steam Shovel, has seen a drastic facelift. Jumps have been adjusted by lengthening landings to better match trail speed. Yes, the jumps were near perfect already, however you needed to know the spots to brake to master the line and those without such experience were left to learn on their own. This improvement leaves the trail more in sync with gravity and links up for a marathon line of jumps and playful rolls you can master without grabbing any brake. For more advanced riders, the final step-up has been redone with more upward momentum and less gap. Running with the theme of minimizing braking, we believe this rebuild will allow a more rewarding end to the trail with less consequence. We recommend riders scope this step-up before sending it, as with any new trail changes you may notice out there.

We hope to see you all next Friday, June 27, to kick-start the 2014 season! Stay tuned for another video update next week for a last minute preview of all the updates awaiting you this summer. We apologize in advance for the lack of sleep you’ll get Thursday night. 

- Sun Peaks Bike Park Team

2014 Update #3: If a Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words, What’s a Video Worth?

June 12, 2014: We always strive to bring you Bike Park updates rich in content with as much relevant eye candy as possible, this week we’ve upped the ante and are excited to present a video update straight from the boys in the trenches. They’ll even tell you a bit about the eagerly anticipated return of both 'Sugar' and 'Sweet One', not to mention the newly rebuilt 'Biker Cross'!

Sun Peaks Bike Park Trail Crew Update from Sun Peaks Resort TV on Vimeo.

This past week our popular 'Biker Cross' trail has been the subject of mini excavator assault, delivering a well-deserved total rebuild of this high traffic lower trail. The original 'Biker Cross' was built as a dual slalom course, however in recent years the surrounding vegetation has had more of a singletrack route in mind. The rebuild has focused on bringing the course back to its former glory in this regard, now plenty wide allowing slower riders to take the lower route and more advanced riders to tackle the high line packed with bermy jibs on this flowing roller coaster of a trail. Every berm is being rebuilt with playful, springy transitions, and jumps through the flats have been torn down to make room for creative new features with multiple line options to switch up your descent.

Work has started on upper 'Route 66' as well, rebuilding the classic "dusty berms” section:

Slated for next week is lower 'Route 66' and then on to 'Steam Shovel'. Stay tuned for updates over the next couple weeks as the crew continues to ready the park for opening day on Friday, June 27!

- Sun Peaks Bike Park Team

2014 Update #2: Business Time on the DH Race Course
June 5, 2014: With the 2014 Canadian National DH Championships just over a month away, the trail crew have turned their sights to preparing our notorious race course for an influx of some of Canada’s fastest riders.

Starting from the top of the course, the upper chute of ‘DH’ has seen corners rebuilt and ruts repaired on the steepest section. This is the fully pinned, ‘hang on for dear life’ section of the course so these updates should allow an even quicker descent without taking such a hard toll on your body.

From ‘DH’ the course moves into the more mellow ‘Holy Rollers’, which will soon see the arrival of a Bobcat in order to replace the existing creek gap with a roller feature that will better handle the high speeds blasting over the creek. In the meantime the crew has been busy with some major berm rebuilds including a “shark fin” berm to add some high speed style to your run.

The race course then finishes with the infamous ‘Arm Pump’ which now boasts increased flow through this technical trail with brand new berms as well as a couple small drops to keep you on your toes.

With the race course full tuned the crew will be moving on to a rework of our ‘Biker Cross’ course. Biker Cross runs under the chairlift and has been our highest volume and most popular lower trail for years, complete with hits top-to-bottom and berms on every single corner. The boys have an excavator on hand next week for a rework, and we’re stoked to see what they come up with! 

- Sun Peaks Bike Park Team 

2014 Update #1: Tailgating the Snowline

May 29, 2014: The Sun Peaks Bike Park is slated to open on Friday, June 27, for the 2014 season, and the trail crew has been hard at work rebuilding aging trail, buffing lips and berms, and solving drainage puzzles to manage the tremendous amount of water left from a great end to the ski season.

The crew has some cool new toys to play with this year, amongst them is a motorized wheelbarrow that easily moves large amounts of dirt to stack up more features. It’s been subject to a thorough initiation in the 'Flow Zone Dirt Jump Park'; resurfacing landings and lips, and constructing a new wood “Bone Air” log jump on the left line.

'Root Dog' has been given a spring facelift with the addition of several new berms and significant tuning to improve trail flow, delivering a more technical end to your descent as an alternative to the 'Flow Zone' and 'Biker Cross'. A number of other lower trails in the park are getting their share of love as well; 'Arm Pump' and 'Home Run' have both had berms rebuilt to let riders fly into the corners more confidently as they shred towards the bottom. 

Stay tuned as we tailgate the snowline up the mountain and get the park into shape for opening day!

- Sun Peaks Bike Park Team
Just a taste as the Bike Park thaws out: