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Bike Park Updates

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Recent News
Thanks for a great summer season on the trails, see you next June!
2015 Bike Park Update No. 6: Greatest Hits Video

The dedicated lads from the Sun Peaks Bike Park Trail Crew have just delivered their final piece for the 2015 summer season! In this edition they've teamed up with Deity's Lynden Sandy to show you all their favourite lines on the mountain, a sort of "greatest hits" album for the Bike Park if you will. Lynden undoubtedly brings some exception skills to the table, but nevertheless introduces some skookum lines that we can't wait to try out this weekend during the inaugural Peaks Pedal Fest.

Sun Peaks Bike Park Greatest Hits from Sun Peaks Resort TV on Vimeo.

Enjoy the video and we hope to see you all on the mountain this weekend to celebrate an awesome season of bicycling!

Your Sun Peaks Bike Park Team

2015 Bike Park Update No. 5: Altitude, An Alpine Experience

Our alpine cross country trail, Altitude, is a roughly 7km each way out-and back, with Tod Lake as the destination and Tod Peak a short hike further. It’s a rather technical intermediate route that traverses through alpine meadows and forests, ripe with flagrant wildflowers if you get the timing right. It’s great with a trail or enduro rig, so after completing the alpine trail you can descend through the Bike Park or continue on with the cross country route, down Big Rock Ride to either the Mt. Morrisey trail network or back to the village.

With the popularity of alpine riding the past few years and the diligent work by our multi-talented trail crew, they’ve delivered a great video that really captures not only the trail, but that je ne sais quoi that comes with pedaling your bike through alpine terrain. Enjoy! 

2015 Bike Park Update No. 4: Trail Update PLUS Sugar/Sweet One Top-to-Bottom

Sugar to Sweet One is a classic lap at Sun Peaks. Once a north shore styled, stunt riddled piece of single track, the trail was closed for logging for a few years to control the effects of Interior BC's notorious bark beetles. Now that Sweet One is complete, the lap is back with a more modern style. Check out the latest video from out Trail Crew as they show us that sometimes a flow trail and technical trail can be one in the same.

Although this trail duo is now complete top-to-bottom, that's far from the end of the story for this revived relic of the old school days. The Trail Crew will continue to work on flow enhancement and addressing bridge work in this same vein, replacing with a focus on flow in and out of these features. But, more importantly, now that the trail itself is complete they'll be busy adding features back into Sweet One to bring it back to its former glory - a 100ft log ride over the creek is the first installment to this end, open now!

The mixed bag that is "mountain weather" has provided the perfect storm for growing conditions over the past couple weeks and the crew has been out to brush cut a number of trails and fend back the ever-encroaching greenery; Behind Bars, Keener, Honey Drop, Route 66, and Altitude have all been considerably trimmed back.

Some of our flow trails were starting to see the effects of the dry spring and have just been given a good buff to smooth the rougher sections; Smooth Smoothie, Holy Rollers, Repeat Offender, and Steam Shovel have all been given some love.

That's all for this update. Stay tuned for more updates to Sweet One and in the meantime, get up here to shred this legendary Sun Peaks lap for yourself. See you on the trails!

Your Sun Peaks Bike Park Team

2015 Bike Park Update No. 3: Canadian National DH Championships Course Preview

The 2015 Canadian National DH MTB Championships return to Sun Peaks Resort this weekend, July 10-12. Our trail crew got out there over the past week to give you a course preview, and an inside peek at what some of Canada's top riders will be descending at top speeds!

DH racing has deep roots at Sun Peaks. With a long legacy of racing in the early days of the Bike Park, Sun Peaks has proven itself over the past few years with a 2012 BC Cup, a 2013 Canada Cup, and National Championships in 2014, 2015, and already lined up for 2016! Click here for 2015 event details and registration.

Stay tuned throughout the weekend for updates from Sun Peaks Resort. Or better yet, come on up and bring your bike, get in on all the action and get up there for some lift-accessed descents!

Whether it’s on the trails, at the finish line or perusing these words from afar, we hope to see you this weekend!

Your Sun Peaks Bike Park Team

2015 Bike Park Update No. 2: The Final Stretch

A lot can happen in a week, and with the Bike Park opening on Friday, there’s been some major development in the works out on the trails. If you haven’t had a chance to peruse last week’s update, click here to check out the long-term, “big picture” type improvements happening out there that will lay the foundation for future development. With that out of the way, let’s take a visual tour of the park to get you stoked for first tracks!

Last week we shuttled local photographer Steve Riffel and pro shredders Dylan Sherrard and Matt Brooks up the mountain for a couple laps on some of the recently upgraded trails. The stoke was high each time they rolled back up to the truck, and our shovel and rake wielding trail crew got some much overdue props on their hard work.

Dropping into ‘Ain’t No Scrubs’, this step-up is always a favourite to boost. Legend has it that how well you stick this early hit is indicative of how the rest of your descent will go. Looks like Dylan had a pretty rad line from top to bottom.

‘Ain’t No Scrubs’ features a plethora of low-risk hits to get a little sideways. Near the end of the trail, before it meets ‘Route 66’, sits one of our favourites to shoot thanks to its ample wildflower surroundings. Matt’s flashy pink Commencal proved the perfect weapon for this intermediate freeride trail.

Continuing into ‘Route 66’ the boys found a fresh new set of berms below the infamous “dusty berms”. Watching Dylan and Matt flow through them seamlessly, they seem to be right on the money.

The final jumps in the ‘Steam Shovel’ dirt jump set got a major rework, with the step-down into step-up combo performing beautifully and getting rave reviews from our two quality control experts.

Running a little low on time, the boys ripped one final lap down the newly re-worked ‘Home Run’. The new berms manage your speed very well so you can sweep through the trees, berm to berm, and give your brakes a rest.

For the cross country riders out there, ‘Big Rock Ride’ is in great shape and ready for you to ride starting Friday. Heaps of wildflowers are already dominating the landscape and the trail is already in mid-summer, primo shape.

Yeah, yeah, enough with all the eye candy – what you really want to know is what trails will be open to ride when the park officially opens for the summer season this Friday, June 26. Well, thanks to an early summer the general consensus seems to be we’re about a month ahead of the game. What that means for you - Everything in the park will be open on Friday, with the exception of our Altitude XC trail which should be ready to go by early July. Yes, that includes Sweet One. 

Oh yeah, did we mention that we’ve teamed up with Molson Coors to include a cold beer at the mid-mountain Sunburst Lodge with your lift ticket over opening weekend? This promotion runs June 27-28 and extends to Bike Park season pass holders as well, we’ve even got freezies for our underage shredders. Hikers can get in on the action as well, just make sure you’ve got your ID.

See you on Friday!

Your Sun Peaks Bike Park Team

2015 Bike Park Update No. 1: Setting the Stage

It’s a common misconception that many of us working in the resort world are familiar with, that not much goes on behind the scenes between the winter and summer seasons. “You must be looking forward to getting back to work in July, eh?” In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Long before you tackle that first stretch of singletrack, countless hours of hard labour have gone into perfecting each line, berm and jump so your enjoyment is nothing short of sublime.

Our Bike Park trail crew are amongst these unsung heroes and they’ve been hard at it out there since May, making some major updates to the trails. Although these may not knock your socks off quite as much as announcing new trails or massive amounts of added features, and you may not notice much of it from the chairlift, but once you start sampling the goods we’re sure you’ll appreciate their efforts in setting the stage for one heck of a Bike Park season!

Intermediate/Blue Machine Made Trails

The Sun Peaks Bike Park has a pretty gnarly reputation and if you were to boil it down to a single factor, it would likely be the steep mountainside the trails are chiselled into. The result? Pretty darn steep trails which can require a lot of braking to keep your speed in check. Braking translates to brake bumps, which in turn make the trail choppy, harder to break, and overall less enjoyable to ride.

This can be effectively battled by speed management and flow enhancement through strategic berm placement and trail direction. Holy Rollers and Route 66 have both been given considerable work to this end with a plethora of new berms to keep you sideways and off the brakes. Below Route 66’s giant “dusty berms”, for example, you’ll find a new section our trail crew has dubbed “Nicky Nicky Nine Berms”.

Trail Continuity & Flow Enhancement

The long line of dirt jumps on Steam Shovel gets a facelift each spring, and this year we’ve taken it a step further to better match jumps with trail speed. The big ticket item here was an overhaul of the final step-up so you can keep your hands off the brakes through the whole set. Holy Rollers has also been reworked in a few spots to match the trail’s speed, with features resized accordingly, and Arm Pump’s Homerun ski run crossing has been rebuilt with a machine in the same vein.

The lower section of Biker Cross has been reworked with tables, catch berms, and line adjustments in key locations for better continuity and flow. And yes, the shark fin is now a relic of the past. The bermed corners of Home Run have also been built up, widened, and rerouted a bit for better speed management through this high speed section.

Significant brush work has been done to reclaim overgrown trail and improve line of sight, and faster sections of trail have been widened to accommodate high speed descents.

Trail Sustainability

Home Run, Arm Pump, Holy Rollers, Route 66 and Sugar have all seen some aging bridges removed and replaced with culverts and dirt for better continuity and longevity. Water ditching has been a big priority, as well as restructuring, resurfacing, rerouting and reworking sections for lasting trail sustainability. This may seem like a list of "so what" details, but these improvements will have a large impact on how the trails ride through the summer, and into the future.

A Sneak Peak of What to Expect on Opening Day

With summer arriving early this year we’ll be able to open more of the park right off the bat than is usually possible. Cross country riders will find a fun lift-accessed ride on Big Rock Ride and the intermediate DH trails on the northeaster aspect (Mach, Barn Burner, Gummy Bear) are surprisingly dry. Sugar and Sweet One will be offering up some fresh singletrack laps well ahead of schedule and our DH race course is being fine-tuned as I type.

The boys are still hard at it out there so we won’t get into too much detail at this early stage in the game. Things are shaping up nicely and short of our high alpine XC trail, Altitude, not much seems to be off the table for riding straight out of the gate. Stay tuned for next week’s update for a full report of what you can expect on opening weekend, and some photo previews from our local photo duo, Riff Stills and Dylan Sherrard (and friends)!

Oh yeah, did we mention that we’ve teamed up with Molson Coors to include a cold beer at the mid-mountain Sunburst Lodge with your lift ticket over opening weekend? This promotion runs June 27-28 and extends to Bike Park season pass holders as well, we’ve even got freezies for our underage shredders. Hikers can get in on the action as well, just make sure you’ve got your ID.

Yeah Bro!

Your Sun Peaks Bike Park Team