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Recent News
First North American Mountain Cross Cart Course Coming to Sun Peaks in 2015

October 6, 2014: Sun Peaks’ visitors will find an exciting new means of descending the mountain next summer. A brand new Mountain Cross Cart (MCC) course is currently being constructed on ‘Sunbeam’ ski run paralleling the Platter Lift, the first of its kind in North America. This is a continuation of the diversification of the resort’s gravity-fueled summer activity options and investments in new summer infrastructure.

Nine MCC Parks are currently operated around the world including Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Finland. Finland’s MCC Action staff were at Sun Peaks in late September to provide expert advice and assistance in laying out the course, which is now distinctly visible from Sun Peaks’ village. Once completed this fall, regular ski activities will not be affected on the popular ski slope.

The future course starting at the top of Sunbeam ski run.

The new track is 512 metres long with a vertical descent of 52 metres and is expected to provide an average speed of 35 km/h. The existing platter lift will get a break from its seasonal hibernation and run daily during summer mountain operations months to bring both carts and racers to the top of the course.

“This thrilling addition to the Sun Peaks summer program will be a great new activity for guests to enjoy,” says Jamie Tattersfield, head of mountain operations for Sun Peaks Resort Corporation. “The MCC Action Park will be a perfect complement to our already world class amenities such as the Sun Peaks Bike Park and Golf Course at Sun Peaks Resort.” 

Despite high speeds and a winding, gravity-fed course, the carts themselves offer precise control and a high level of safety thanks to powerful disc brakes, four-point seat belts, roll bars and padded seats. Although this new addition may loosely resemble favourite childhood go-carts, the mountain environment adds an exciting twist so a valid driver’s license will be required to enjoy the activity.

To add an element of competition, runs will be timed allowing participants to race the clock or rival friends for the fastest descent. Sun Peaks’ MCC Action Park is expected to open to the public in late June 2015, just in time for another adventure filled summer season at Interior B.C.’s largest four season resort. 

New Snow Sports School Programs for Winter 2014-15

We're excited to introduce these new programs to our Snow Sports School roster this winter season! 

For details and registration call 250.578.5505 or email

Get your season started with CSIA Level 4 instructors and enjoy the best early season snow conditions in Canada! 

3-Day Clinic $299 - December 5-7, 2014

  • Three days of ski improvement with 50% off lift tickets
  • Lift line priority and daily video analysis
  • Stretching and fitness sessions
  • Welcome cocktail reception and banquet dinner
  • Hosted by Vincent Lafontaine, Sun Peaks Resort Sports Director
  • Special guest Olympian Nancy Greene Raine

So much more than world-class groomers, Sun Peaks was developed way back in the 1960's for its steeps, glades, moguls, and exceptional powder skiing. New this season, explore over 500 acres of expanded terrain in this guided ski improvement camp with one ofour top professional instructors. Let us show you all the best stashes while developing your all mountain skills and confidence!

3-Day camps run Monday to Wednesday, from 9:00am to 3:00pm each day, and are tailored for intermediate to expert skiers. Maximum 4 students per group.

Adults (13+) $399 | Kids (6-12) $329

 Includes lift line priority, video analysis, and après ski at Masa's Bar + Grill. 

Explore vast off-piste terrain with a professionally certified Canadian Ski Guide. With a focus on promoting safety and awareness of mountain hazards, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of terrain assessment, hazard analysis, overnight survival, as well as companion rescue; with transceiver, probe, and shovel techniques.

These 2-Day camps are an invaluable experience for adventurous souls of all ages! Offered Thursday to Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm each day, designed for intermediate to expert skiers. Maximum 5 students per group.

Adults (17+) $299 | Youth (10-16) $259

For details and registration call 250.578.5505 or email

Summer Stoke for Winter Folk: Update #2

Did you miss our first update?
Catch up before reading on:

September 22, 2014  It’s really pretty incredible what a team of dedicated individuals can achieve in just one summer, especially in the mountains where the window for winter trail development is limited to just August and September. This summer we’ve completed more development work than Sun Peaks has seen since the original opening of Mt. Morrisey in 2003, and that took two years to complete! We called our friends at Lakehead Helicopters to provide a fresh perspective.

Greeted by our pilot a mere stone’s throw from the base of the Sunburst lift, it doesn’t take us long to notice the doors have been removed. “Better for photos,” we’re told as we quietly load our camera gear while surrounded by Sun Peaks veterans who have flown these mountains a thousand times between them. They’re not wrong, and West Morrisey’s first on our hit list.

West Morrisey

A summer on the cross country bike trails on Morrisey’s east side leaves you with an overly mellow impression of the resort’s third peak. After circling the summit we dove straight into the western face where new trails were being cut as we passed over, and that impression was quickly extinguished. “Run G”, as it’s currently being referred to in a top secret spy movie-esque fashion, has been cut top-to-bottom and about half has already been buffed to a “ski-ready” state, with the entire run slated for completion this week. As you roll over the upper crest into the steep fall line, not only is the fourth fairway beneath you but legendary Burfield trails “Freddy’s Nightmare” and “Challenger” are in plain view for the very first time.

This winter you’ll be able to ski the entire vertical of “G”, bringing you to the intersection of Fairways and Mountain View Drive. At peak times the resort shuttle service will be running to take you back up to the village, or you can choose to take the higher connector run back to Static Cling and the Morrisey chair. In addition to this fresh top-to-bottom adrenaline rush, the upper parts of runs “B” and “C” are nearing completion and will also be skiable to the Static Cling connector this winter.


Our backcountry area at the top of Mt. Tod has been a powder refuge for adventurous souls for over 50 years. For those who’ve toured into this zone, the ski experience you’re familiar with won’t be much different. What IS different is the amount of vertical at your disposal, extended by over 100 vertical metres to connect to a new lower boundary trail. This additional terrain has been gladed as part of our continuing forest health program, transforming this previously dense and disorienting forest into a much more navigable experience. The grade through this additional terrain is without a doubt less steep than the faces above, however there shouldn’t be any trouble maintaining momentum to the lower boundary.

Before you get too excited, though, this lower boundary trail won’t be quite as snowboarder friendly as the upper route (which is still available for an easier exit back to the main ski area). It’s relatively flat but will require some skating to bring you back to ‘The Other Way’, meaning you’ll really have to earn these turns.

The ski area boundary in Gil’s will be moved to what is locally known as “Offset”, creating two additional benefits to your ski experience beyond simply providing more terrain. This zone sees, by far, the highest frequency of “lost skiers” each winter, a rate which has increased in recent years with the popularity of backcountry travel. The addition of signage, boundary ropes, and a lower boundary trail will help skiers properly navigate this zone and mitigate the tendency to follow the natural fall line into no man’s land. The second benefit lays in the eternal battle for fresh tracks. This zone has been tough to control snowmobile traffic within due to multiple access points beyond the ski area and lack of patrol presence. The motorized vs. non-motorized debate is a heated one in all aspects of outdoor recreation and one we’re not wading into the redeeming qualities of either, but at least you won’t be fighting for pow with the two-stroke crowd this winter!

Terrain Park Summer Facelift

Something easily overlooked through the winter months is the sheer volume of snow involved in preparing our terrain park each season. The slope below the Sundance chair may appear to the untrained eye as near perfect for a park build, but the truth is the surface needs to be filled in with an unprecedented amount of snow to create the even surface that allows the flawless nature of our park. This summer we were able to address two areas of major snow consumption. 

The first was building up the landing pad for “Nancy”, one of our signature hits. This translates to much less snow being allocated and therefore available elsewhere, and will allow the jump to open much earlier in the season. It also allowed us to better shape where the jump itself sits. By shifting the entire jump down the slope a bit, it allows for a flat and more natural transitions from the slope into the lip of the jump. The run-in to the jump has also been worked by heavy machinery to straighten the camber, allowing a straight approach to this heavy hitter.

Moving up the mountain, it was high time to deal with the remnants of what was once a half pipe. With a near industry-wide collection of “Pipe Dragons” gathering dust for a future monument of industrial art, significant snowmaking resources have been dedicated each winter to flatten this area for features. It may look insignificant but this is another area that will now require less snow to get up and running, meaning an earlier opening and snow to spare for fun new endeavors. 

That’s all for today! Don’t forget to lock down your winter passes before September 30 when our FALL BUY pass sale expires. Opening day is just two months away on November 22, until then enjoy the fall colours and the pre-season shopping, brooding, and binge-watching of old shred flicks, and stay tuned for our next update coming October 22.


Whistler Blackcomb and Sun Peaks, Canada's Two Largest Ski Resorts Sign Reciprocal Seasons Pass Agreement

September 2, 2014  2014-15 Season Pass holders SAVE 50% off window ticket rate at each partner resort.

Whistler Blackcomb and Sun Peaks Resort are excited to announce a new reciprocal seasons pass agreement. This agreement allows 2014.15 Season Passholders to receive a discount of 50 per cent off the window ticket rate at each of the resorts, Whistler Blackcomb and Sun Peaks Resort. 

This new agreement coincides with Sun Peaks Resort’s recent announcement of adding over 500 acres of alpine terrain to become the second largest ski resort in Canada. Whistler Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America. 

“We continually look for new and exciting ways to add value for our season passholders,” says Stuart Rempel, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Whistler Blackcomb. “This is an exciting season for us with our new Whistler Village Gondola cabins and RFID access, both which will be ready to go for opening day. We look forward to welcoming Sun Peaks’ passholders to come and experience what skiing and riding in Whistler is all about.” 

The offer applies to 2014.15 Whistler Blackcomb Unlimited Season Passholders, including Whistler Blackcomb Spirit Passholders, and 2014.15 Sun Peaks Alpine Season Passholders. For Whistler Blackcomb Passholders, this offer excludes Midweek, 15-Day, Student, Graduate, and Spring Passholders. 

“We couldn’t be more excited about the agreement,” says Aidan Kelly, Director of Sales and Marketing at Sun Peaks Resort. “With our new terrain development, we saw lots of opportunity to build our relationship with Whistler Blackcomb. We wanted to add value to our existing season passholders while opening us up to additional markets. Having an alliance with Whistler Blackcomb means combining two significant resorts. We hope Whistler Blackcomb passholders take advantage of this great opportunity to explore the interior.”

Whistler Blackcomb’s official opening day is November 27, 2014, and Sun Peaks’ official opening day is November 22, 2014. 

A 50 per cent discount will be applied to the current Window Ticket rate at the time of purchase and the Season Passholder must show valid photo identification along with their 2014.15 Season Pass for their respective resort partner. 

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