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Terrain Park Updates

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Recent News
Terrain Park Summer Facelift

September 22, 2014: Something easily overlooked through the winter months is the sheer volume of snow involved in preparing our terrain park each season. The slope below the Sundance chair may appear to the untrained eye as near perfect for a park build, but the truth is the surface needs to be filled in with an unprecedented amount of snow to create the even surface that allows the flawless nature of our park. This summer we were able to address two areas of major snow consumption. 

The first was building up the landing pad for “Nancy”, one of our signature hits. This translates to much less snow being allocated and therefore available elsewhere, and will allow the jump to open much earlier in the season. It also allowed us to better shape where the jump itself sits. By shifting the entire jump down the slope a bit, it allows for a flat and more natural transitions from the slope into the lip of the jump. The run-in to the jump has also been worked by heavy machinery to straighten the camber, allowing a straight approach to this heavy hitter.

Moving up the mountain, it was high time to deal with the remnants of what was once a half pipe. With a near industry-wide collection of “Pipe Dragons” gathering dust for a future monument of industrial art, significant snowmaking resources have been dedicated each winter to flatten this area for features. It may look insignificant but this is another area that will now require less snow to get up and running, meaning an earlier opening and snow to spare for fun new endeavors.