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378 Board Shop's 'Shark Laps' Volume 1 on Snowboard Canada!
The Garden Rail Jam - 2014 Recap

This past Sunday, January 26th, our 9-acre Rockstar Energy terrain park played host to the annual Garden Rail Jam - a grassroots favourite presented by Oronge Boardshop. The sun was shining bright above the clouds but the stoke was still high lower in the valley, with 41 competitors throwing down for the judges, spectators, and their fellow partners in crime.


1) Graham “Birdman” Mear
2) Geremy Guido
3) Olly Hanbury-Webber 

1)Dawson Freeze
2) Daniel Freeze
3)Blade Boyer

1) Jenna Anderson

1) Zuzy Rocka
2) Taylor Cooper

1) Matt Putnam
2) Labrie Colton
3) Ben Marwick
*Honorable Mention: Cameron Hiemstra

JUNIOR SKI (13-17)
1) Cole Hooper
2) Jared Putnam
3) Bram Treissman 

GROM SKI (12 and under)
1) Luc Dallaire
2) Drummond Mavile
3) Kade Deacon-Borden

1) Markus Abraham
2) Kyle Pain

Thanks to Oronge Boardshop and Rockstar Energy for backing another high energy park event at Sun Peaks, and to all the competitors and volunteers that continue to blow us away!

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A Jam, Right in the Middle of the Village

I’ve been skiing/snowboarding for around eight years now; people always ask me how I got started.  Truth be told, I never rode a snowboard on a ski hill my first three years.  I had only snowboarded out the back of a truck, or down some sketchy ramp in Toronto in order to hit a rail, ledge or something else that the city had to offer.

It gives you a unique perspective once you finally link a few turns and it makes you realize how incredibly insane I was trying to ride a rail without ever learning how to stop.  However, there is something so raw about being so excited to ride, that you will literally ride on whatever is near. 

Luckily for us here in Canada’s Alpine Village, we have 3,678 acres of incredible snow, even better; Canada’s Alpine Village at Sun Peaks Resort is SKIABLE! That’s right, we groom it so you can ski it!

This obviously leads to a natural progression, skiers/snowboarders like to ride the mountain, we get it, but for those of us much like me, there is something that draws us to ride/slide along obscure objects.  Welcome to the 5Forty Urban Assault!

The 5Forty Deli-Café is a locally owned Deli, Café, Ski/Board Shop and community ambassador, The Urban Assault is the master-mind of 5Forty’s owner, Scotty.

So I gave Scotty a call.  It’s important to note that when I called around to find some info about this event, I kept hearing the same thing.  “You haven’t heard….He drives a vehicle into the Village Stroll (among other features) and the riders thrown down all over”.

I think it is crucial that snowboarding and skiing are fun and the first question I asked Scotty was why he puts on this event.  Expecting to hear an answer from a business man, like, "it’s good for PR" or, "it’s for a charity’, he responded with the best answer I’ve ever heard.  “Well, it’s really fun!”

5Forty has been around for the last six years, and each year they bring a new setup and feature to the competition.  This year, you can expect to see a pick-up truck with a rail coming out of the back!  Along with other rails and jumps.  It’s amazing what Scotty and his staff can put together right in the middle of the village. 

Oh I forgot to mention something else, his shop is supported by some of the best and most unique brands, from Arbor, Signal, Vans, Thirty-Two, to 4frnt, Switchback and Lobster.  What does this mean for you!?  Prizes.

This year he is giving up the opportunity to gamble their skill in the urban environment to win Boots from Vans, a Board from Signal, $500 cash (in 5 dollar bills), bindings and watches from Rip Curl!

With all that being said, if you’ve never dropped in from a sketchy scaffolding setup, rode down a ramp out of the back of a truck, or tried to gap over a car, you should probably come check-out the 5Forty Urban Assault, this Saturday at 3:30pm in the Village Stroll.  Realistically, you won’t be able to miss it anyways!

Make sure to follow 5Forty on Twitter at

Registration is at 2:15pm.
$10 to enter
If under 19, be sure to bring a Parent for the waiver process
Helmets Mandatory
You should be a Blue/Intermediate Park Rider

See you on the mountain!

Ted Morton, Sun Peaks Resort Events Assistant 

2013 Resurgence Rail Jam Recap

This past weekend was the 2013 Resurgence Rail Jam at Sun Peaks Resort.  It was also the first event I have ever attended/participated in at Sun Peaks.   I’ve been riding at Sun Peaks for the past three years and to be honest, I can’t believe this is the first event I’ve ever been to!

It was an intimidating morning, the weather was a chilly -18c, the snow was crunchy and the sun had tucked behind a cloud.  We were a bit nervous that no one would show up, luckily for us Sun Peaks had teamed up with Oronge Boardshop, they’re a board shop in Kamloops, well I guess you could call them a board and ski shop now.  Anyways, what’s important to know is that Oronge always travels with a crew!  They slowly started rolling in, signing up, grabbing their fresh bibs while asking for outlandish numbers, and getting pumped on the hard work that went into setting up the park for the contest.

I’ll admit, seeing the Oronge crew on the course is a little overwhelming, these guys and gals belong here, however overwhelming it may be it only takes a second until you’re welcomed into the family.  I think this is truly what separates events at Sun Peaks from other events I’ve been to.  I was running the registration booth for a bit and all the riders were introducing themselves and getting to know me and all the other volunteers and spectators.  The age range for this Rail Jam was impressive, age seven to thirty! We’re talking Gingerbeards, to second graders!  While the pro-riders were out throwing some of the most intense tricks, they were still throwing high-fives for the young guns out hitting the jump, a pretty amazing sight to see, when the stereotype of park riders is markedly different.  Combine this with free hotdogs, a tent-party complete with DJ, a great crowd and announcing from Oronge’s owner Koach, and you hardly noticed the icy-temperatures!

I think this was the most impressive thing to see, Sun Peaks truly is a community, we’re a Resort Municipality and whether you live here, or are here for the weekend, it only take a few runs to be welcomed by everyone.  Events are a great way to mingle amongst the locals and old friends a like.

The Resurgence Rail Jam started at Noon, and over 40 riders charged the park.  Split into different classes based on age and skill it was sometimes hard to distinguish.  From seven-year old Maggie Sinclair riding in her first contest ever, to Jake Bells in the 13-18 class getting approval from his fellow Oronge team riders its easy to see that everyone was progressing quick.  Honorable mentions to Dawson Freeze for ski best trick and Birdman for snowboard best trick.

All in all, it was a great experience, if your lucky to warm your toes, or try something completely new, events in the village and especially on the mountain are an incredible way to meet some new people and try something different on your ski/board.

See you on the mountain!

Ted Morton, Sun Peaks Resort Events Assistant


Open Mens Board Final
1) Graham “Birdman” Mear
2) Heath Dixon
3) Deni Salja
4) Germy Guido
5) Sean Wanless

Open Mens Ski Final
1) Hunter Visser
2) Dawson Freeze
3) Stu Sykes
4) Parker Blackstock
5) Quinn Moeller

Open Womens Board Final
1) Taylor Cooper
2) Aika Rennie

Open Womens Ski Final
1) Jenna Anderson
2) Maggie Sinclair

JR Board Final
1) Jake Bells
2) Matthew Putnam
3) Cameron Hiemstra

JR Ski Final
1) Cote Belland
2) Jared Putnam
3) Gage Fairlie

Grom Final
1) Ben Sinclair