The Peak of the Season: The Blissful In-Between

Words and photos by local rider Dylan Sherrard.

I used to have the thought,
And I often still do…
That it must be the sweet, serendipitous bliss of the moments in-between, 
that are what make things so special, between me and you.

You see, for me and my ride, it’s never been the amplitude, or the speed, or the biggest of grinds that locks a ride away in my mind, forever remembered as truly sublime. In my imagination, I find, it’s always been the accumulation of the weightless in-between’s that mold my memories, time after time.

Riding in the Sun Peaks Bike Park

I’m speaking of the air between two turns, or the sweet evening light in my face as the day fades and burns, the chairlift laughs in between the laps, looking back on the highlights of the trails blown past. Dreaming of the sneaky lines left to learn, and the long solo shreds to chase on my own terms.

And if you’d join me in entertaining this perspective, an invitation to look inward - honest and reflective, aren’t we sort of always floating in-between? Between the people we once were, and who we someday hope to be?

The vistas we’ve witnessed, and the horizons we hope to someday see? Something about this tune feels special to me.

Riding in the Sun Peaks Bike Park

Now that we’ve survived the spring of 2020 - the strangest of in-between's - somewhere between the world we used to know and the uncertainty of what our future may hold, we’re ready to reimagine the mold, to ride along in a story that never grows old.

The glory of summer at Sun Peaks is all yours to claim. In 2019 we stoked a great flame. While the roots of the mountain were loved and left wild, the peripheral chunder became suddenly tame. With a long list of inviting new trails and surprises, we knew that summer would never be the same.

Riding in the Sun Peaks Bike Park

And although we can’t promise the loudest and raddest of parties we ever have planned, (we hope you can understand - much of these circumstances are out of our hands) we can promise you’ll still find summer in all of its glory - gold and grand.

Riding in the Sun Peaks Bike Park

We’ll see laughter in the lift lines and wide open rides, the rediscovery of perspective and presence, free of confines. We may not be as fast paced or as much in-your-face, but we know you’ll find all that you chase, the chance to embrace the high of summer and all of its solace.

We want to thank you for visiting, and for doing as much as you can. We hope you can trust that we share the same plan. This summer at Sun Peaks is meant to be riddled with bliss as we navigate our ride in this strange new in-between tide, until we’ve pushed on past and felt ‘normal’ at last.

Riding in the Sun Peaks Bike Park