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Sun Peaks Pedal Access

Mountain biking in Sun Peaks includes more than just DH riding in the Bike Park. For those who like to earn their berms, Sun Peaks offers a growing network of pedal-access riding options. 


High atop Tod Mountain, Altitude is a lift-access loop that starts from the top of the Sunburst Express. You’ll climb through wildflower meadows, forests, and past the peak of Tod Mountain, before reaching tranquil Tod Lake. From there the trail descends back towards the chairlift, where you can connect with Level Up for a fun, flowy ride back to the village, completing 16km of beautiful alpine riding. Looking for a more advanced way down? Connect from Altitude to Sugar and then Sweet One for a technical rip down the side of Tod.

Big Rock Ride is also a lift-access trail, offering an undulating ride through sub-alpine forests before joining a doubletrack trail that connects back into the Bike Park, first intersecting Level Up, or continuing on to another trail of your choosing. As an alternative, you can also continue on the doubletrack and head out to McGillivray Lake, returning to the village on either single or doubletrack options afterwards.

Please note: a valid lift ticket or pass is required to ride any of the Bike Park trails, including Altitude and Big Rock Ride, click here for details. The valley and Morrisey network is open for anyone to use free of charge. 


Outside of the Bike Park, the Valley pedal-access network offers a growing selection of trails to explore free of charge.

On Mt. Morrisey, ride four new pedal-access trails. Start at the base of the Morrisey Express and pedal your way 6km up to the top of the lift line on an all-new machine built trail. Be sure to wave hello to hikers along the way, as this is a shared-use trail. Once at the top of Morrisey Express, you can traverse the mountaintop on an out-and-back trail near the peak of Mt. Morrisey, or, if you’re ready for the thrill of descending, pick between two downhill trails - a flowy intermediate option or a technical, hand built advanced option. 

Additional trails exist around Morrisey and elsewhere in the valley, including a mix of singletrack cross country style trails and doubletrack access roads. With trails to suit most levels of rider, they are a great option for an evening pedal or a family ride out to McGillivray Lake. This network is usually ready to ride in early to mid June and closes when the snow arrives in late October.

Pedal-access trails are developed and maintained by the Sun Peaks Recreational Trail Association, a dedicated group of community trail builders.

2023 Valley PEDAL-access Network Trail Map

XC Bike Map

Valley XC Trail MaP (PDF)   Lift-Access Bike Park TraiL maP (PDF)



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