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The starting hole at Sun Peaks requires a lay-up shot to a hidden creek at approximately 180 yards from the back tees, or approximately 150 yards from the white tees. The slightly (deceivable) downhill approach shot combined with the golf course elevation allows you to hit one club less than you normally would.


A downhill Par 4 with an out of bounds right. Your safest play is to try to land your tee shot by the 150 yard marker, which should leave a short iron approach. Hitting to the middle of the green is your best bet on this approach.


The first Par 5 on the front nine is reachable in 2 for the longer hitter but it does have a hidden creek running through the fairway in front of the green. This green slopes from the golfer’s left to right and a pin cut on the right hand side of the green is a wonderful challenge.


A short beautiful downhill Par 4 with ponds on both the left and right side of the fairway with a small brook running between them at about 20 yards off the front of the green. Do the math and if you can land at the 150 yard marker, the sloping fairway will kick the ball forward to leave a short iron approach.


A spectacular downhill Par 3 that elevation allows you to hit 1 to 2 less clubs than you normally would—unless there is strong wind in your face. There is a ridge that runs through the middle of this green.


A difficult driving hole, this Par 5 is reachable in 2 for the longer hitter. This hole can easily leave you an awkward side-hill lie so play smart and hit it to the flat ground instead of being overly aggressive. This green slopes from back to front.


A short and sweet Par 3 with a challenging green. Like all holes here at Sun Peaks anything hit over the green—if you are lucky enough to find it—will leave you a difficult up and down.


The most challenging hole on the front nine requires a 200 yard tee shot to lay up to McGillivray Creek. A mistake off the tee will most likely require you to lay up on your second shot. This tricky two-tier green has a number of difficult pin placements and finding yourself on a different level than the flag will take all your skill to two putt.


This short Par 4 is reachable for the longer ball strikers, however, the smartest play is for you to leave yourself a 100 yard approach to another green with two tiers. If you are playing the back tees hit your 170 yard club.


This 566 yard Par 5 from the black tees sets the pace for what promises to be one of the best tests of golf in BC. While there is out of bounds on the left, and the fairway slopes from right to left, this hole does open up slightly around the corner on the right. There is a small hump that divides this green in the middle.


This is a straight forward flat difficult driving hole that has less room on right than appears. An approach from anywhere around the 150 yard marker is a great play on this tight fairway. Like most holes at Sun Peaks any ball lucky enough to be found over the back of the green will still leave you with a difficult up and down. This green is very difficult to get the ball close to pins tucked into the corners.


If you can find yourself with a 150 yard approach over the creek (rivulet) to the green you will have conquered half of the most difficult hole at Sun Peaks, hit it too far from the tee and you are in the lake. The remainder of this hole will test your skill, but there is plenty of bail out room to the right of this green that will leave you a good chance to pitch and run and get a putt at par. This hole is a great test of golf no matter what tee you play from.


A good drive here will leave you with a short iron approach to a difficult green that slopes from back to front. Good distance control on your second shot is a must. If you go for that sucker pin cut in the front of the green and leave yourself short you will have a next to impossible tough up and down. This green has a gentle slope from front to back.


A Par 3 with a tricky shallow green that slopes from back to front. Your best bet is to end up below the hole. Watch the wind on this hole as the tee is hidden from a westerly wind. This hole seems to play one (one half) club shorter.


Driving accuracy is vital on this slightly uphill Par 4. The trouble on the left is closer than you think, and the challenges on the right are obvious. Consider landing the ball at roughly the 150 yard marker. Avoid being overly aggressive to a pin cut in the back left on this multi-tiered green.


Standing on an elevated tee 40 feet above the landing area you are treated to a breathtaking view of the valley and Mt. Morrisey. The fairway, approach and the front part of this green slope drastically away from the golfer and will kick your ball to the middle or back portion of this green.


This great Par 3 is surrounded by bogies (trouble). Water, sand, and out of bounds are what await errant tee shots. If you are hitting into a breeze you may want to hit one extra club.


This spectacular finish is a very reachable Par 5 that sees the fairway and approach run downhill toward the green. This well protected green can be reached by using the safer form of bump and run for your approach. The green also slopes from front to back and runs away from the mountain.

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