Hiking Trail Map

Hiking Trail Map

Hiking Trail Map (pdf) 

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Bear Aware

While in resort or on the mountain you may encounter a black bear during your stay. If you do see a bear always keep your distance, many wildlife professionals recommend remaining a minimum of 100 metres away. 

Mt. Morrisey Viewpoint Trail

Start this 4.4km, approximately 2.5 hours round trip hike from the base of the Orient Chairlift. Cross the bridge to Mt. Morrisey and follow trail markers to the right. You’ll gain 260 metres elevation and be rewarded with a view of Tod and Sundance mountains. 
No ticket required for this trail.

For on-mountain emergencies, call 250.578.5521. All other emergencies, call 911.

Viewpoint trail map (PDF)


Mt. Morrisey View Point Trail

Lift Status

Lift Name
Bike Park Carpet Lower Closed for the season. Stay tuned for details.
Bike Park Carpet Upper Closed for the season. Stay tuned for details.
Sunburst Express Chairlift (S) Closed for the season. Stay tuned for details.

Hiking Trails

Trail Name
#1. Vista Trail 0.3KM, 30 MINUTES ROUND TRIP - Vista traverses through sub-alpine woods and the edge of the mountainside meadows. The bottom half is relatively flat and can be an easy out-and-back or, with a short uphill to the top section, make it a loop.
#6. Juniper Ridge Loop 0.6KM, 15 MINUTES ROUND TRIP - This easy, must-do loop is the reward for reaching Top of the World. Enjoy the sights and aromas of densely growing wildflowers and the best viewpoint of the region.
#13. Shuswap Medicine Trail 0.6KM, 15 MINUTES ROUND TRIP - Learn about local flora, fauna and First Nations traditional medicines on this interpretive trail.
#16. Sunburst Loop 2.1KM, 30 MINUTES ROUND TRIP - Explore the lower reaches of Mt. Tod without straying far from village amenities.
#2. Crystal Bowl Loop 1.8KM, 45 MINUTES ROUND TRIP - Branching off of Vista, the Crystal Bowl Loop climbs into and then traverses the wildflower meadows of lower Crystal Bowl. Return via Vista or back the same way.
#3. Valley View Trail 2.6KM, 60 MINUTES ROUND TRIP - Start on the multi-purpose #7 West Bowl and connect to #3. After a short descent, cross the top of Challenger Meadows with amazing views of the village. A short, steep climb returns you to mid-mountain or continue down #4 to the village.
#4. Trail to Village 3.4KM, 90 MINUTES 1 WAY - Watch for resort vehicles and mountain bikers while travelling back to the village on this multi-use roadway what connects to #18 and #14.
#5. Top of the World Trail 1.2KM, 30 MINUTES 1 WAY - A gentle, yet uphill, back and forth traverse through the Headwalls meadows to connect to the iconic #6 Juniper Ridge Loop.
#7. West Bowl Trail Expect soft and wet sections - 5.4KM, 90 MINUTES 1 WAY - A scenic route with a gentle climb through wildflower meadows and forested sections out to Tod Lake. This multi-use trail is also the route of the Altitude XC mountain bike trail, so please watch for riders.
#8. Whyte Bowl Trail 2.5KM, 30 MINUTES 1 WAY - A connector between West Bowl and Top of the World trails that encircles the lower reaches of many classic ski runs off the Burfield chairlift.
#9. Gil's Trail Expect soft and wet sections - 2.4KM, 45 MINUTES 1 WAY - Wind through the forested slopes of the ski terrain that bears the same name – this is the shortest route to Tod Lake. Or, use it as your return trail if you accessed the lake via #7. It is a multi-use trail with mountain bikers as part of the Altitude XC bike loop, so please watch for riders.
#10. West Ridge Trail 1.5KM, 45 MINUTES 1 WAY - Follow this meandering trail to access Tod Lake and #11 Tod Peak trail while enjoying vast, open meadows and panoramic views of the upper reaches of Tod Mountain.
#14. Sundance Loop 3.9KM, 90 MINUTES ROUND TRIP - A relatively steep loop with rewarding views of the village and valley below from the top.
#15. Broadway Loop 2.1KM, 45 MINUTES ROUND TRIP - Access from Sunburst Loop to meander up and across lower sections of favourite ski runs.
#17. Sundance Summit 2.1KM, 45 MINUTES ROUND TRIP - Enjoy this trek through the forest to the summit of Sundance, with fantastic views of the village and iconic Mt. Tod waiting for you at the top.
#18. Lone Fir 1.9KM, 45 MINUTES ROUND TRIP - A connector between #4 Trail to Village and #14 Sundance Loop/#17 Sundance Summit, this trail traverses the gladed ski area of the same name.
#11. Tod Peak Trail 2.4KM, 30 MINUTES 1 WAY - Conquer the 2,152m/7,060 ft summit of Mt. Tod and drink in the 360° views from Sun Peaks’ highest point! Allow 5 hours to complete the full route from the mid-mountain trailheads.
#12. Tod’s Backside Trail 2.3KM, 30 MINUTES 1 WAY - Extend your alpine exploration with this trail that meanders around the Mt. Tod summit.