Sunrise Alpine Blossom Season
Wildflowers on Challenger
Juniper Ridge
Tod Lake
View of Dunn Peak

You can start your hiking adventure right from the village, but we recommend taking a ride up the Sunburst chairlift which takes you partway up Tod Mountain, to 6,000' above sea level! When you're finishing hiking, take the chairlift back down. 

An ideal time to explore our hiking trail network is during Alpine Blossom Season. Witnessing the rolling alpine meadows in their kaleidoscope of wildflower glory and taking in the sweet aromas of the blooms are a bucket list activity and a favourite among locals and guests alike. Alpine Blossom Season is the height of the wildflower blooming period and usually occurs from mid-July through mid-August.

You can explore the mountain and the panoramic 360 degree views from 16 hiking trails that range from short, low-grade sightseeing strolls to breathtaking alpine summits, including a stop at Tod Lake. 

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