DYAD - Brendan Howey & Jesse Munden

Brendan Howey joins Jesse Munden at his home resort, Sun Peaks Bike Park, for some shred sessions. The result is an edit where the style of these two speaks for itself. Watch them get behind the bars of their CLASH and ride in its element.

on the rocks

Over the past few years, women of all ages have taken the bike trails by storm, rapidly shifting what was previously a male-dominated sport. Within the roots, rocks, and drops of Sun Peaks Bike Park, we’re thrilled to have seen this change first-hand.

always flow: deeper

In the conversation of creating flow, we’re often occupied with pushing it to new heights. The elements of speed and amplitude shape the priority of progression as we carve our experiences.

Yet long before Brady Starr of Starr Trail Solutions and Sam Loxton of the Sun Peaks Recreational Trail Association began scratching at the blueprints for pedal-access trails on Mt. Morrisey, they had a flow of a different kind in mind - pushing the riding experience to greater depths.

always flow: higher

If flow is in the eye of the beholder, Ron Penney of Landmark Trail Works holds that flow accountable to the highest standard. In a quest to remove our self-imposed limitations from our riding experience, Landmark serves a simple solution in a trail that teaches us to let off our brakes and trust the shapes of the dirt.

always flow: broader

Long before we can lose ourselves in a flow state, first, we must find it.

Enhancing accessibility to flow is paramount in Jeff Cook’s imagination as he leads the Lifetime Outdoor team to create dirt waves that invite mountain bikers of any dynamic to discover and define their flow. "Everything you want in a flow trail and a mountain bike park, you have it here in Sun Peaks now."

sundance express launch

Mountain biking in Sun Peaks takes on an entirely new scope this summer, with trails delivering world-class riding options for the first time ever on all three of our mountains. This $1.5 million combined resort and community investment will increase capacity and further diversify our already revered trail network.

canada day sun peaks style!

Celebrate Canada Day Sun Peaks style:
1. Go for a rip on Canada Line
2. Give a wave to the locals
3. Repeat
Happy Canada Day from Sun Peaks Bike Park!

2019: the evolution continues at sun peaks bike park

With trails ranging from flowy machine-made cruisers to fully pinned DH singletrack, plus our carpet lift-access Progression Park, every level of rider will find their new favourite trail in Sun Peaks.

new steam shovel open for bonus weekends!

Our newly rebuilt jump trail Steam Shovel is now open! With two Bonus Weekends of riding on September 7 - 9 and 14 - 16 (10am-7pm), there's still time to shred while the dirt is prime. Come get it!

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