A skier and snowboarder on a chairlift

Chairlift Safety

It's important to remember that our lifts are heavy machinery. For the safety of our guests and staff, we ask you to follow our tips for loading, riding and unloading all chairlifts at Sun Peaks Resort and have a safe lift ride.


  • Get prepared and be ready. Remove your pole straps and hold your ski poles in one hand. Check for loose clothing and equipment. Remove backpacks.
  • Group up with your crew and move through the lift line. Line up with your group at the waiting board and follow the chair in front of you to the loading board. If you need the chair slowed for loading, let the lift attendant know.
  • Line up with the green 'load here' sign. Remember to keep your skis/board straight ahead and look behind you for the oncoming chair.
  • Grab onto the side or back of the chair and move towards the back. If you're skiing with kids, you may need to help pull them up onto the chair. If you require assistance please notify the lift attendant.
  • Sit back, lower the safety bar, and enjoy the ride. Let the other riders on the chair know that you're lowering the bar to avoid any head collisions.


  • For your safety and the safety of others do not horse around, throw things off the chair, or swing/bounce the chair.
  • If you're getting things out of your pocket use caution. It is easy to drop your phone, glove, pole and other items on skiers and riders below.
  • No smoking or vaping on chairs.
  • Leave the bar down until you see the 'raise restraining device' sign.
  • Sit back against the back rest while in motion.
  • Watch for and follow the signs/instructions.
  • Do not lift or leave the restraining bar up while riding.
  • Do not lean forward or adjust your boots, skis, or snowboard.
  • Do not attempt to touch trees or towers. 


  • When coming into the terminal, keep your ski/snowboard tip(s) up, and lift the safety bar once everyone is ready.
  • Check for loose equipment and clothing, and ensure that none of your gear is caught in the chair.
  • Do not hold onto the chair.
  • When aligned with the 'unload here' sign, stand up and slide down the ramp.
  • Move out of the way and to the side quickly so the next chair has plenty of room to unload.
  • If you happen to fall or leave something behind, clear out of the way as soon as you are able. Our lift operators are able to assist you.

Guests are not permitted to ski/ride with an infant in a backpack or baby carrier of any type. 

Please note animals are not permitted on chairlifts. If you have a service dog, please contact Guest Services by phone 250.578.5474 or email guestservices@sunpeaksresort.com and we will provide an alternative transport option for you and your service dog.