This document outlines the policies and procedures to be used by Sun Peaks Resort LLP (“Sun Peaks”) for dealing with privacy complaints.

1. Privacy Complaints will be Handled by the Sun Peaks Privacy Officer 

Sun Peaks staff will refer all complainants with complaints or disputes about the collection, use, disclosure and protection of their personal information or other privacy issues to the Sun Peaks Privacy Officer (contact information below).

A complainant may contact the Privacy Officer directly by telephone, email or letter at:

Sun Peaks Resort LLP
Attention: Privacy Officer
1280 Alpine Road
Sun Peaks, BC, V0E 5N0

Electronic Mail:

2. How to Submit a Complaint 

The Privacy Officer will inform the complainant that all complaints should be in writing. If the complainant requests a personal information access or correction decision then the complainant will be referred to the Review Procedure. Written complaints should specify the nature and substance of the complaint, the relevant date and the names of any Sun Peaks employees or managers involved. The complainant should also attach copies of any relevant documents. The Privacy Officer may provide a complaint form to assist the complainant to submit a detailed complaint.

3. Processing the Complaint 

The Privacy Officer will verify the identity of the complainant and inform the complainant that the Privacy Officer may access that complainant’s information and discuss the complaint with other Sun Peaks staff or employees, as appropriate, in order to investigate and resolve the complaint.

The Privacy Officer may request further information and documents from the complainant and from other Sun Peaks staff or employees in order to investigate and resolve the complaint.

The Privacy Officer will acknowledge receipt of all written complaints (including date of receipt) and will respond promptly in writing to all complaints. The Privacy Officer will attempt to resolve all complaints in a timely fashion to the mutual satisfaction of the complainant and Sun Peaks.

4. Decision 

The Privacy Officer will inform the complainant in writing about the outcome of the investigation and the resolution or non-resolution of the complaint. If the Privacy Officer determines, either before or after an investigation, that the complaint is not well-founded, the Privacy Officer will inform the complainant in writing of this decision and the reasons for it.

Following the resolution of a complaint, the Privacy Officer will initiate any necessary remedial action such as recommending changes in Sun Peaks procedures and in staff training to prevent the circumstances which led to the complaint from occurring again.

5. Referral to the Privacy Commissioner 

If the Privacy Officer is unable to resolve the complaint to the complainant’s satisfaction, the Privacy Officer will inform the complainant in writing that the complainant may take the complaint to the British Columbia Privacy Commissioner, whose contact information is as follows:

By Mail:
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia
Attention: Privacy Commissioner
PO Box 9038, Stn. Prov. Govt.
Victoria, BC, V8W 9A4

Phone: 250.387.5629
Toll-free: 1.800.663.7867 (request transfer to 250.387.5629)
Facsimile: 250.387.1696

6. Complaint Records 

The Privacy Officer will keep records of all privacy complaints, including the details of any investigation and the resolution reached. The Privacy Officer will prepare reports for Sun Peaks management about the quantity, nature and resolution or non-resolution of complaints, and any actions taken to prevent further valid complaints.