A helicopter landed on snow surrounded by another mountain of snow with a group of skier riding down
A helicopter flying above a mountain with skier riding down the powder
a person looking off to the distance with a group of skiers standing beside a helicopter
A group of skier riding down powder on a mountain side with a helicopter above them
A helicopter landed on a mountain with other mountains surrounding it
A skier riding down in powder with blue skies in the background and a helicopter following them
A group of riders standing in fron tof a helicopter on a mountain waving to the camera
A group of people skiing down a mountain side with mountain views in the distance
A group of skiers riding down the side of a mountain with a helicopter above

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing

This winter, discover some of the most pristine and breathtaking mountain terrain in the world, with our heli-ski partner Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing (MWHS), in Blue River, BC.

Since 1970, MWHS has become renowned as the premier heli-ski experience and is located only 3 hours north of Sun Peaks Resort. MWHS’s 1.5 million acre terrain known as “Wiegele World” offers world class powder skiing and boarding, unlimited vertical and unique boutique style accommodation – right in the heart of the Cariboo, Monashee and Rocky Mountain ranges.

For those who crave powder, MWHS’s vast terrain is located along one of BC’s most consistent and productive snowbelts, which provides more than 10 metres of perfect powder each winter. With more than 1,000 peaks of high alpine glaciers and forested valley glades, everyday is the “best day ever” for MWHS guests who come to enjoy this exceptional winter experience from around the globe.

Safety is the #1 priority for heli-ski and boarders at MWHS, as the best days in the mountains happen when you’re linking every turn with confidence. As a leader in the heli-ski industry, MWHS provides two guides per group. Their professional guides are all certified and chosen for their ability to provide you with an exciting and memorable heli-ski experience, while caring for your safety and comfort. In addition, MWHS has an on-site medical centre and the doctor helm-skis in the mountains with the guests too. All you have to do is have fun enjoy the powder!

Sun Peaks Resort is proud to be partnered with Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing. Check out MWHS’s heli-ski packages ranging in length of stay, which makes this a great addition to your Sun Peaks Resort ski vacation.