Exclusion of Liability - Assumption of Risk


  1. The term “Activities” shall include skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ice-skating, fat tire biking, snowshoeing, snow tubing, participating in snow school lessons, clinics and session and Special Events and other related activities; and
  2. The term “Special Events” shall include any activity which is organized, conducted or sponsored by the Releasees and shall include, but is not limited to, races, competitions, demonstrations and other events or activities.

Nordic terrain and facilities


Nordic Terrain and Facilities shall refer to and include Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing, skate skiing, telemark skiing, fat biking; and all activities, events, services, races and use of facilities provided, arranged, organized or conducted by the Releasees


I am aware that skiing, snowboarding and participating in the Alpine Event involve many inherent risks, dangers and hazards including, but not limited to: boarding, riding and disembarking ski lifts; changing weather conditions; exposed rock, earth, ice, or other natural objects; trees, tree wells, tree stumps and forest dead fall; the condition of snow or ice on or beneath the snow surface; changes or variation in the terrain used for skiing, snowboarding and the Alpine Event which may create blind spots or areas of reduced visibility; changes or variations in the snow surface or subsurface, including changes due to man-made or artificial snow; variable and difficult snow conditions; streams, creeks and exposed holes in the snow pack above streams or creeks; cliffs; crevasses; impact or collision with lift structures, fences, snow making equipment, snow grooming equipment, snowcats, snowmobiles and other vehicles, equipment, structures, or objects or equipment used in connection with skiing, snowboarding and the Alpine Event; snowcat roads, road-banks or cut-banks; impact or collision with other skiers, racers, spectators, participants, competitors, course officials; avalanches; snow immersion; slips, trips and falls; the failure to ski or snowboard safely or within one's own ability or within designated areas; negligence of other skiers, snowboarders, racers, spectators, participants, competitors, course officials; negligent first aid; and NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF THE RELEASEES. I UNDERSTAND THAT NEGLIGENCE INCLUDES FAILURE ON THE PART OF THE RELEASEES TO TAKE REASONABLE STEPS TO SAFEGUARD OR PROTECT ME FROM OR WARN ME OF THE RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS OF PARTICIPATING IN THE ALPINE EVENT. I am also aware that the risks, dangers and hazards referred to above exist throughout the area used for skiing, snowboarding and the Alpine Event and that many are unmarked. I FREELY ACCEPT AND FULLY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS AND THE POSSIBILITY OF PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH, PROPERTY DAMAGE AND LOSS RESULTING THEREFROM.