Driving map to Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks Resort is the closest resort in the interior of British Columbia from the Lower Mainland.

Attention GPS and Google Maps users - The best, easiest, and most direct route to Sun Peaks Resort is via Highway 5 North, exiting at Tod Mountain Road by Heffley Creek, BC. Some GPS providers and Google Maps suggest an alternative dirt back road route off of Highway 1 near Pritchard, BC, and Chase, BC. This route is closed to winter travel.

Driving Times & Distances to Sun Peaks
Kamloops, BC 45 minutes 50km / 31 miles
Vancouver, BC 4.25 hours 407km / 235 miles
Whistler, BC 4.5 hours 355km / 221 miles
Hope, BC 2.5 hours 260km / 162 miles
Kelowna, BC 2.75 hours 246km / 153 miles
Jasper, AB 5 hours 449km / 279 miles
Banff, AB 6 hours 557km / 346 miles
Calgary, AB 8 hours 675km / 421 miles
Edmonton, AB 9 hours  813km / 505 miles
Seattle, WA 5.5 hours  518km / 322 miles


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Kamloops, BC, is also accessible via rail. Please visit www.viarail.ca for rail information.
Kamloops, BC, is also accessible via bus. Please visit myebus.ca for bus information.