In-Resort Shuttle Service

Winter 2018/19 operations

Use our complimentary in-resort shuttle for transportation in and out of the village from all neighbourhoods. This season we're pleased to announce a NEW evening service, from 4:30pm to 10:00pm, in addition to the regular daytime service!

  • Daytime Service: November 30 - April 14, 8:00am to 4:30pm
  • NEW Evening Service: December 14 - March 31, 4:30pm to 10:00pm 
  • There is also a new taxi service operating in Sun Peaks 24/7: Visit Sun Peaks Taxi online
  • New Years Eve service will be running until 1:55am (break from 11:15pm to 11:35pm).

Shuttle stops & schedule

Route Information winter 2018/19

The In-Resort Shuttle service route starts from the Village Day Lodge (VDL) then heads to the east end of the resort by the dog sled entry, followed by the intersection of Valley Drive and Lookout Ridge Drive (P6). The bus then returns to the west end of the resort making a stop at the VDL before proceeding down Fairways Drive and Burfield Drive. From Burfield Drive the bus then returns to the VDL on Sun Peaks Road. Bus stop locations are easily located in Sun Peaks Resort by red signs that state ‘Bus Stop.’  Please see the schedule below for the primary bus stop locations. View ALL of the bus stop locations on the below shuttle map.

Shuttle Service Map with Stops

Daytime Schedule and primary Stops 
November 30 to april 14 Winter 2018/19 
P6  Village Day Lodge   Burfield Drive Village Day Lodge
8:05am 8:15am 8:25am 8:35am
8:45am 8:55am 9:05am 9:15am
9:25am 9:35am 9:45am 9:55am
10:35am 10:45am 10:55am 11:05am
11:15am 11:25am 11:35am 11:45am
11:55am 12:05pm 12:15pm 12:25pm
12:35pm 12:45pm 12:55pm 1:05pm
1:55pm 2:05pm 2:15pm 2:25pm
2:35pm 2:45pm 2:55pm 3:05pm
3:15pm 3:25pm 3:35pm 3:45pm
3:55pm 4:05pm 4:15pm 4:25pm

Evening Schedule and primary Stops
December 14 to March 31 Winter 2018/19 

P6  Village Day Lodge   Burfield Drive Village Day Lodge
- - - 4:45pm
4:55pm 5:05pm 5:15pm 5:25pm
5:35pm 5:45pm 5:55pm 6:05pm
6:15pm 6:25pm 6:35pm 6:45pm
7:25pm 7:35pm 7:45pm 7:55pm
8:05pm 8:15pm 8:25pm 8:35pm
8:45pm 8:55pm 9:05pm 9:15pm
9:25pm 9:35pm 9:45pm END
Location Village Day Lodge
Hours of Operation

November 17, 2018 to April 14, 2019 - 8:00am to 4:30pm

Phone 250.578.5474