How-To Guide: The New Crystal Conveyor

The thought of loading a new chairlift for the first time can be daunting; don’t worry though, we’ve all been there! A loading conveyor adds an entirely new element into the mix, so we’ve put together this quick ‘how-to’ guide to put your mind at ease about our new “magic” carpet.

What is a chairlift loading conveyor, you ask? Loading conveyors are common in other parts of the world, but are a bit of an anomaly here in North America. These conveyors are installed to smooth out the loading process, making it easier and more comfortable to load a chairlift. They remove the need for the lift operator to grab hold of the chair as it comes around the bullwheel, slow its momentum, and brace it behind the guest as it scoops them up. Overall, the new conveyor will mean less chairlift misloads and a safer experience for both guests and staff.

Now for the fun part - how do you use it? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Loading Conveyor at Crystal Chairlift in Sun Peaks

Step 1

When you arrive at the base of the Crystal chairlift, take a minute before you enter the lift maze to observe the conveyor and see how other guests are using it. You’ll see plenty of dos and don’ts at this stage!

Step 2

Get in line and make your way up to the gate.

Loading Conveyor at Crystal Chairlift in Sun Peaks

Step 3

If you have questions about the conveyor, our lift operators are happy to take the time to explain things and make sure you have a positive first experience. Give them a wave and let them know if you have any hesitation; they can talk you through it as you prepare to load.  

Loading Conveyor at Crystal Chairlift in Sun Peaks

Step 4

Once you’re at the gate, get as close as you can but know that there’s no need to push against it. The timing between the gate opening and closing is set so that it if you make it through the gate, you will make it to the designated loading spot for the chair to pick you up. The gates will automatically close when that window of time is over.

Loading Conveyor at Crystal Chairlift in Sun Peaks

Step 5 

When the gate opens, pass through and glide down the short ramp onto the conveyor. The slope is designed to give you the momentum you need to load the conveyor without a struggle. Once you’re on the conveyor, do not move. The conveyor is a smooth surface and you will likely feel some movement under your feet, this is normal. Do your best to stay in place.

Pro tip: The experience of using the conveyor differs a little between skiers and snowboarders.  

  • Skiers – The process of gliding through the gate and transitioning onto the conveyor will likely feel pretty easy for you. When the gate opens, simply glide down onto the conveyor and be mindful of your poles. It’s that easy.
  • Snowboarders – Here’s our number one piece of advice: when the gate opens, scootch forward and  place your back foot on your board like you would when you’re unloading at the top of a chairlift. Keep that back foot on the board while you’re on the conveyor and refrain from stepping off of your board onto the conveyor surface. If you follow this tip, you’re all set. If not, well, you may find yourself sliding around a bit, losing your balance, and bumping into your chairlift buddies.

Loading Conveyor at Crystal Chairlift in Sun Peaks

Step 6

You made it! Stay in place and let the conveyor carry you to the loading spot. The conveyor runs continuously, it doesn’t stop or drop you off at a certain point. It’s timed perfectly to have you in the loading zone when the chairlift arrives to pick you up.

Crystal Chairlift at Sun Peaks Resort

Step 7

The chair scoops you up and takes you to the Top of the World. Be sure to lower that safety bar for the ride, and enjoy the views!

There you have it, everything you need to know to load the conveyor like a pro from the get-go. Remember, if you have any questions or hesitation when you arrive at the chairlift our friendly lift operators are happy to talk you through it.