Hiking in the South Okanagan

It’s true. There is a place where you can walk through seven distinct ecosystems and along hundreds of sanctioned, isolated trails. 

It’s called the South Thompson Shuswap and it needs to be your next hiking trip. The trails of Shuswap, Sun Peaks and Kamloops in Western Canada have it all. Lush, mossy, pristine forests with rushing waterfalls? Check. Soaring mountain ridges lined with alpine flowers? Check. Barren, rocky desert? Check. Breezy, summery grasslands? Check. We could go all day, but it would be better to just show you.

If you have to see it to believe it, just have a look at these spectacular 20 Instagram photos from the South Thompson Shuswap taken by residents and visitors.

<strong>Sun Peaks Resort</strong> Photo by @sunpeaksresort
<strong>Bastion Mountain, Salmon Arm/Shuswap</strong> Photo by @sarahlindsayphotography
<strong>Sicamous, Shuswap</strong> Photo by @viktoriahaack
<strong>Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area, Kamloops</strong> Photo by @maryputnam66
<strong>Blind Bay, Shuswap</strong> Photo by @stevengienphotography
<strong>Salmon Arm</strong> Photo by @driven_dreamer


<strong>Hoodoos, Kamloops</strong> Photo by @mntchica
<strong>Scenic Trail Lookout, Kamloops</strong> Photo by @putsky88
<strong>Sun Peaks</strong> Photo by @trevorlott12
<strong>Albas Provincial Park, Shuswap</strong> Photo by @hikingtheokanagan
<strong>Battle Bluff, Kamloops</strong> Photo by @jj8rock
<strong>Embleton Mountain, Sun Peaks</strong> Photo by @mikey_coulter
<strong>Kamloops</strong> Photo by @mikey_coulter
<strong>Sun Peaks Resort</strong> Photo by @amy_putnam
<strong>Shuswap Lake</strong> Photo by @trinkertoes
<strong>Margaret Falls</strong> Photo by @vixen_pugh
<strong>Cinnamon Ridge, Kamloops</strong> Photo by @kelconimi
<strong>Sun Peaks Resort</strong> Photo by @back.in.82
<strong>Sun Peaks</strong> Photo by @vandaffodil

Want to visit in the fall or winter? Of course, hiking is a year round experience in the South Thompson Shuswap.

<strong>Sun Peaks in Winter</strong> Photo by @jennarochellee
<strong>Autumn</strong> Photo by @stevengienphotography
<strong>Early Winter</strong> Photo by @janden4

Ready to start exploring? You can head to the South Thompson Shuswap and traverse any of the hundreds of trails on your own.

If you'd rather have a guide to navigate, any of these three businesses would be happy to show you the best and most beautiful spots.

Sun Peaks Resort   Tailgate Tours   Noble Adventures