Female snowboarders in Sun Peaks

In celebration of 2023 International Women's Day, local female shredders Zuzy Rocka and Marlie Marchewka teamed up for a couple days in the mountains to bring you three tips to build your confidence and improve your riding this winter season.

📸 Zuzy Rocka photography with snowboarder Marlie Marchewka. Riding tips a collaboration between Zuzy and Marlie.

Marlie riding powder in Sun Peaks

Tip #1: Riding Pow

Lean back and try to keep your nose just above the snow for an extra floaty experience.

Take your lines with more speed than you think, it'll be fun and make everything easier!

Marlie dropping in powder in sun peaks

Tip #2: Jumps and drops

There are a few small things that go into this. It might sound like a lot to think about at first, but the more you do it, the more naturally it will come!

When learning to go straight off a jump or drop, try to keep the base of your board flat before and during the take off. Keep your body balanced evenly between both feet. Bend your knees so you're in a relaxed but strong position, and if you're up to it push down off the lip of the jump with your legs, then bring your knees back up to a bent position for extra height. Try to keep your shoulders and hips parallel with your board, because if they start turning forward so will your whole body. When landing just be sure to keep your knees bent to absorb impact and you'll nail it!

Marlie drop in sun peaks

Katie jumping in sun peaks terrain park
🏂 Local snowboarder Katie Brayer demonstrating proper jump technique in the Sun Peaks Terrain Park.

Tip #3: Deep Carves

Best advice for this is to be more aggressive!

It can be scary at first, but trying to take harder carves is easier than it seems. Take more speed into your carves than usual and put your weight heavily on the edge of your snowboard for the carve you're initiating. Really lean into that edge, and keep your knees bent. For toe side, it can be fun to lean so far forward you drag your hand on the ground. For heel side, you can put your front hand forward towards the nose of your board and a bit outward reaching back up the hill to keep balance and turn extra hard. So just be more aggressive, and trust your balance. Our bodies and snowboards are amazing things!

Marlie carving in sun peaks

Marlie carving wide in sun peaks