Summer Hike

Fun summer activities, fresh mountain air, and plenty of nature are just some of the reasons to add Sun Peaks to your summer road trip list. If you haven’t been to Sun Peaks during the summer season, this is the year to fuel up your car and hit the road!

It’s close to home

Trail Run

Located in the interior of our province, Sun Peaks is easily accessible to many British Columbians. The resort is located a quick 4-hour drive from Vancouver, 6-hour drive from Prince George and is just under 3 hours from Kelowna. For such minimal travel time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of new experiences that await in our European-style, pedestrian-only village. See the full driving times and distances to Sun Peaks here

Enjoy a scenic drive

Sun Peaks Village

No matter which area of the province you’re coming from, you’ll get to bask in British Columbia’s beautiful scenery on your drive to Sun Peaks. From mountain passes to lush forests, there is no shortage of variety in nature during the journey. Upon entering Sun Peaks, the surrounding slopes settle you in and make for a perfect greeting.

Experience a hidden gem

Golf Course

Located a quick 45-minute drive from Kamloops, Sun Peaks has been described by visitors as a hidden gem. From the quaint village, to the vast vistas atop Tod Mountain, there is no shortage of exploring to do. The kaleidoscope of summer wildflowers dotting the mountain make the trip worth it alone.

Wide open spaces

DH Bike Park

Sun Peaks has plenty of space for you to enjoy, whether it be on foot or on wheels. With lift-access hiking and biking, the mountain is easily accessible and offers a tranquil escape from the crowds. Sun Peaks has a reputation of fewer crowds and expansive terrain, so you’ll have some quality alone time with Mother Nature. Sun Peaks also boasts a large array of other summer activities, from golf to water adventures and everything in between!