People Behind the Pow video series

April 7, 2020

As someone who frequents the snowy slopes of Sun Peaks, have you ever wondered what's truly going on behind the scenes? At all hours of the day and night, our teams are buzzing around in their special functions, each a vital piece of the puzzle. They come together to complete the impressive picture of a ski operation, to keep the lift turning, the trails open, and the services running smoothly. Through our People Behind the Pow video series, we start to explore a few of these roles through the eyes and voices of the people who have been drawn to the mountain lifestyle and are passionate about their contributions. Enjoy! 

Leo, from the grooming team


Andrew, from the snow safety & Patrol team


ALLY, from the Sports SChool Team


Will, from the lift maintenance team



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Dream now, travel later. We'll see you in the mountains again soon.