The Peak of the Season blog

Words and photos by local rider Dylan Sherrard

It feels as if it were just a few short weeks ago, we were waist deep in winter with a fresh dump of snow each time we rose from bed, and the sweet, sweet dreams of pow spinning dearly in our heads. It was the most wonderful of winters and we were sad to see it go, but here tonight, beneath the warm spring glow, we turn our sights toward that which lays beneath the snow.

Peak of the Season - Young kid riding bike

We’ve watched the seasons and colours slowly fade, the sky from cold pinks and faded blues to warmer orange and yellow hues, and the forest from a frozen white to a glowing sea of greens and golds. We’ve watched as the wind wicked away the snow and allowed the light of spring to shine life into the trails who live between the trees. The forest is now fully alive, and thriving, soon to be followed by a buff bike park and a beautiful alpine bloom.

Peak of the Season - Riding through wildflowers in the Bike Park

Peak of the Season - Riding in the Bike Park

So we wait, floating in a state between anxious and patience, in anticipation of this summer and the peak of the season.

And it truly will be the peak of the season, in every single conceivable way. We’ll collect the most vertical, revel in the longest of the light, and enjoy the dizzying dog days of summer. We’ll access the highest elevations and sink deep into swift turns and summer’s endless sunshine. We’ll acquire a new appreciation for the sensation of flow, and at the base of our fingers a strange callus will grow. We’ll collect new friends and share the greatest of times, lap after lap, free of a clock that whirs or chimes.

Peak of the Season - Kid riding in Bike Park

We’ll enjoy our lazy mornings through to the last of the day's fast laps. Slowly picking away at conquering each of the lines that adorns our trail maps. We’ll rally over the rocks and the roots, confidently tackle the gaps and the steep chutes. We'll push through the arm pump and power through the puddles. Drop into dark moist dirt, and inhale the alpine aromas. We’ll charge into the summer breeze as it blows between the trees, soaking it all in, day by day, present and appreciating summer’s gentle sway.

Peak of the Season - Group riding in Bike Park

Peak of the Season - Evening riding in the Bike Park

And while some may say it’s ‘our other season’, this season is the reason we’re here. We could be anywhere in the world. But we are in Sun Peaks, riding curated and carefully carved, colourful alpine lines between the warm summer days and the cool blue nights that make this mountain our home. Our summer is something to celebrate, and we’re looking forward to sharing it all with you, as we lean in to the dizzying highs of the summer season at Sun Peaks Resort.

Peak of the Season - Post ride patio beer

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