The Peak of the Season: Flow State at Sun Peaks Resort

Words and photos by local rider Dylan Sherrard.

We can’t remember when, but one day it all just clicked.

It sort of snuck up on us, but we should have known it was coming. Maybe it was after a certain number of laps passed by, or perhaps it happened in the space between two turns. Whatever the case, the flow state was always going to appear.

The Flow State at Sun Peaks Bike Park

How could it not?

With the number of laps we ride accumulating quickly and our muscles making memory of all the shapes of the mountain. The flow state was certain to be seen, as we learned the language of the mountain - the tone with which each corner talks, the slang to every flowered singletrack, and the accents of all the new features that are shining bright amongst the legendary lines that have lived in these mountains as long as we’ve known them.

By this point in the summer, conversation flows effortlessly with the trails. A lot of us would argue it to be a most charming aspect - a distinct peak of the season - when all of these wild lines come together and cruise control kicks in. Because there really isn’t anything like it, the silent euphoria we find during these effortless laps between these trees.

The Flow State at Sun Peaks Bike Park

The flow state is highly addictive. And it’s why we’re all here, chasing another dose with every passing lap. Riding on instinct. Certainly not lazy, but most definitely effortless. Throwing caution to the wind in a calculated yet careless manner. Once you’ve found it, you’ll certainly know. You’ll find yourself foaming at the mouth for another another lap in the park, another lip to lean into, or another straightaway to death-grip as you feel the world fall away.

The Flow State at Sun Peaks Bike Park

Because in the flow state, there is nothing but right now. There is no world that exists outside the scope of the trail passing beneath our tires. It’s a wonderful place to be. Right here, right now. Fully consumed in the present moment.

The Flow State at Sun Peaks Bike Park

No wonder we can’t stop. And why would we ever willingly lay these days to rest? What more could we ever ask for, when we have such a flowing succession and natural progression. A fast trail, and a smooth one. A fresh berm, and a steep one. A long ride, and a mellow one. Or a cold beer, and another one?

We hope you’ve found your flow state, and we hope to find you enjoying it to the fullest this summer at Sun Peaks Resort.

The Flow State at Sun Peaks Bike Park

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