The Peak of the Season: In Turns We Trust

Words and photos by local rider Dylan Sherrard.

We’re now deep in the heat of the summer. The dusty dog days, I’ve heard a few people say. The superlatives of the season are all in their height. These dizzying days bring the loudest of laps and the brightest of light. We ride through till the day trades space with the night and take flight on this mountain with all of our might.

Mountain Biker at Sun Peaks Resort

At Sun Peaks, summer’s story is so brilliantly told, as it rolls along slowly and never grows old. The adventure is yours to witness unfold - what peaks and progression will you find yours to hold? Will you find yourself content in the flow of the trails that you know, happily riding the plateau of the brave and the bold? Or will you stray from your roots, chasing new shapes, reimagining the mold? 

Foggy Forest at Sun Peaks Resort

There’s a special buzz to this season that hangs in the air, and we do all that we can to ensure that we share. We find a heavy return in the smiles that you wear, and the opportunity to inspire is the special ingredient that keeps us out there. 

Mountain Meadow at Sun Peaks Resort

And there’s something so special about the trust that we take in the turns that we ride. The slip before the grip, oh that sweet serendipitous sound of our side knobs beginning to rip. Consistently hit like the flick or switch, the change of direction and the dirt blown to bits.

It blooms from the dirt and then blows off the turn where it hangs in the sky. The goldie bits burn, soft and pleasing the eye, before drifting away where the ravens, the hawks, and the eagles all fly.

Mountain Bikers at Sun Peaks Resort

At this point in the summer, we know the trails in an intimate way. Our muscle memory carries us swift through the trails' endless sway. With instinct as the pilot I really must say, these rides roll to a tune I find hard to convey.

But if an effortless ride is the most grand of success, the rest of this summer is set to impress. The myriad of new turns that we’re making are set to see paradigms shape-shifting and breaking. We hope you’ll make time to address the new turns that we’ve pressed while these days at Sun Peaks remain glowing and endless.

Mountain Biker at Sun Peaks Resort