The Peak Of The Season: Return to Real Life

Words and photos by local rider Dylan Sherrard.

I just awoke from the strangest of dreams, no trails and no berms and no cold mountain streams, no shade beneath greens and no turn-to-turn leans. I really must say, it was the most awkward of scenes, and I haven’t the slightest of clues, what all this could mean.

I was parked in my car still half in a slumber, the traffic around me trailed bumper to bumper. My cell phone was ringing with Instagram pinging, the weight of my task-list was scratching and stinging.
But now I’m awake and it feels like I’m home. This really is home, I’ve been thinking on my own, whenever I pause for a moment and ponder the beauty of this space that we roam. I knew it all along and with a feeling so strong I just couldn’t be wrong. “This is where you belong,” the Whiskey Jacks whistle while singing their song. 

Raven at Sun Peaks Resort

On these days in these hills, we are no longer 9-5ers or wish-we-had-more-timers.
We are kids all the wiser. Limitless versions of ourselves floating free in the forest with a passion for flow as our only advisor.

And we’re so happy to have you along for this ride, for the ebb and the flow of our cool mountain tide. Out here on these trails we have plenty of time. No clocks whir and chime and as we whirl and we wind. And if it’s this ride that you love you’ll be happy to know, this space where we play is only to grow. 

Rain falling

Rain drop

This is real life, I will argue until I turn blue in the face. Here we are gifted the stage for the peaks of the season and the highs that we chase. In our memories, which moments occupy the bulk of the space? I can imagine your answer, and with this, rest my case. 

So I hope that we all can relish these rides as the truly sublime, they embellish our lives and make gold of our time. What more could we wish to enjoy in our prime?

Please never forget, the clock won’t stop tickin’ - or the way that time slows when our freewheels are clickin’. Reality is ours to choose, and though our choices perpetually thicken, I’ve weighed out my options - it’s this one I’m pickin.’

Mountain biking at Sun Peaks Resort

We’re happy to see this season rolling with such a strong start.

We hope to see you redefining reality and waking up to real life with us at Sun Peaks Resort.