The Peak of the Season: Slow Summer Flow

Words and photos by local rider Dylan Sherrard.

Where, oh where, do these summer days go? So wonderful warm and sweet, always wishing they were slow. Lucky for you, we have something to show, just over the hill where the long lupines blow, and the trails slowly flow in the gold evening glow. We’ll show you a ride you’ll be happy to know.

Riding in the Alpine at Sun Peaks Bike Park

We’ll wander the alpine’s beautiful bloom, where the breeze and the blossom make wonderful tunes. Lit by low angle, the colours all booming, a million bright lights beneath skies rarely glooming, on swift zippy trails our tires are zooming. We must have convinced you by now, we’re assuming?

Alpine Riding in the Sun Peaks Bike Park

At first sight of the scene your love will abound, for these hills and these trees with no one around. The silence of nature, our favourite of sounds. Set your mind free of worry, never again to be found.

Summer in the Sun Peaks Bike Park

These days are the longest. Abundant with moments for which summer hearts are the fondest. We’d trade them for nothing on earth to be honest. Our love is the strongest for this singletrack conquest.

Along these ribbons of trail we fly and we soar, for this freedom and space is all ours to explore. Bring a couple of friends. Two, three, or four. And please share every detail of this singletrack lore.

Riding in the Sun Peaks Bike Park

Rally the range where these trails are strewn, through the rise of the light and the fall of the moon. Be careful out here, to not fall into swoon. You see our happy place, it has plenty of room. 

Riding in the Sun Peaks Bike Park

And we’re happy to share this wrinkle in time, which we hope you’ll pursue without reason or rhyme. A long mellow climb where no clocks whir and chime. I’m convinced that these rides are the truly sublime, but please seek them soon, while they’re still in their prime.

For the day has come short and we must finish our theme, as the face of the lake starts to shimmer and gleam. When the light becomes dimmer we’ll depart from this dream, down the hill, the trail thinner as it follows a stream, a ride that rolls on forever, at least that's how it seems.

Summer Sunset in Sun Peaks