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Sun Peaks has been home to a lift-accessed mountain bike trail network since 1999, and last summer the other two main ski mountains were added to the mix with new, professionally-designed and built trail networks. With all three peaks now sporting trail-bike friendly terrain and high-speed quads running up two, it's easy to summit all three peaks in a day with just one bike, and as many chairlift rides as you like.

Here's how we propose bagging all three peaks, but the combinations are limitless depending on your bike setup and stamina in the saddle.

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climbing mt morrisey on bikes

Start on Mt. Morrisey before the chairlifts Open

The Bike Park chairlifts start spinning at 10am through the summer months so, depending on what time you start your day, beginning your three-peak trail ride on Mt. Morrisey's pedal-accessed network is a great way to squeeze in some extra daylight. Park near the Village Day Lodge (P2 or P3) and ride the paved Valley Trail to the bottom of the Morrisey Express chairlift, where your climb begins.

chairlift hours Sun Peaks Village Map Valley Trail on Trailforks 

climbing mt morrisey on bikes

To reach the summit of Mt. Morrisey, head up the Sun Peaks Recreational Trail Association's dedicated climb trail—Cedar Twist. Cedar Twist is constructed in three sections ranging from just looker's left off the Morrisey Express chairlift and reaching all the way to the summit of Mt. Morrisey.

Mt. Morrisey Trail Map Find Cedar Twist on Trailforks

Once you've reached the top you can opt to head straight back down the blue Calypso Groove descent that runs back down the mountain, parallel to the climb trail. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, check out the technical multi-use out-and-back trail stretching from the top of the Morrisey chairlift before starting back down.


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snacking at the base of mt morrisey

grab a snack & head for the Sunburst chairlift

Ride the paved valley trail back to the village core, where you've earned yourselves a snack or even a full hot breakfast at one of Sun Peaks' many cafes, shops and restaurants . Once you've fuelled up and stocked your pack for the next few hours, it's time to jump on the Sunburst chairlift for a bump up Mt. Tod.

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Straight to the alpine, or bike park bonus lap(s)?

If you're itching for some airtime or adrenaline before heading into the alpine to tackle the upper reaches of Mt. Tod, a quick Bike Park lap or two is a perfect reprieve from the top of the Sunburst chair. If you haven't tried Canada Line, a blue flow trail that's pretty darn fun on a trail bike, now's the time.

Bike Park Trail Map Canada Line Launch Video

friends riding in sun peaks

Altitude XC Trail to Tod Peak(ish)

When you've had your fill of Bike Park laps off the Sunburst chairlift, it's time to head for the blue Altitude XC loop that will take you out to Tod Lake and under the proper summit of Mt. Tod. If you want to get technical about it and tag the summit proper, you can leave your bike behind at the intersection with the Tod Peak hiking trail and walk another and 1.4km (one way) to the top at 2,152 metres above sea level.

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Linking up to Sundance Mountain Summit

As you descend the multi-use Altitude XC trail you have the option of continuing a trail ride to the summit of Sundance mountain via the Big Rock Ride XC trail—or descending one of the Bike Park trails and riding the Sundance lift back up for your third and final summit.

If this is going to be your first time riding one of the Bike Park trails, consider checking out the trail progression chart on the Bike Park map to find a suitable descent:

bike park trail progression and map

friends biking in sun peaks

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Last but not least: Sundance mountain

From the top of the Sundance express chairlift, your third and final peak for the day, you once again have a choice to make—what to ride down? Morning Dew and Easy Wind are both great green options to finish your day with if you're feeling gassed and want to stick with something relatively forgiving. This is a great opportunity to sample some of the Sundance's new trails too, if you're feeling up to it—opened in 2022 with mellower grades and less vertical than the trails across the stream on Mt. Tod.

Have you seen the Sundance launch video?

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That's a wrap (Or a burger)!

It's a proven fact that a day of outdoor adventure will make you crave a big, juicy burger (don't believe it? Listen here!) and the Sun Peaks village has plenty of patios catering to whatever you're craving after a big day on the saddle—all just a short pedal from a wide variety of bike-friendly accommodation options.

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