your business vision, sun peaks' views

Sun Peaks is a resort community located 45 minutes from Kamloops, in BC’s interior. Known for it’s stress-free mountain experience, the charming, pedestrian village includes 9 hotels and lodges, and over 40 locally-owned shops and restaurants.

Sun Peaks is Canada’s second largest ski area with 4,270 acres of diverse ski terrain. But it is not just for winter enthusiasts. Sun Peaks has activities throughout the year, so be sure to leave some leisure time when scheduling your next event at this destination. The summer months reveal a lush paradise where guests can golf on British Columbia’s highest golf course, hike through wildflowers, explore the lift-access mountain bike park, or paddle the lakes, learning about Canada’s storied past.

The Sun Peaks village appears to be a European transplant. The well-planned community means that not only is your event in a beautiful setting, surrounded by 360 degrees of mountains, but accommodation is conveniently located within walking distance. Your event attendees will be pleased to park their cars for the duration of their stay and walk to every event location. In the evenings, they can meander through the village walkway to the local shops and restaurants with ease.

Along with the architecture, the welcoming atmosphere should also be noted. Sun Peaks locals are disarmingly friendly, unwaveringly inclusive and instinctively open-hearted. It’s hard not to feel a sense of belonging in this community, so expect a tough farewell when it’s time to go back home.