RFID gates in the winter
Bikes loaded on the chairlift with people on the chairlift following with greenery in the background

Sun Peaks Resort now uses an RFID system for mountain access – Season Passes, Peaks Cards and Day Tickets. This is our ‘how-to’ guide to getting out on the slopes with your Mountain Card. Once you’re a Mountain Card holder, we encourage you to hold onto your card indefinitely as it can be used for all of your mountain access needs in future, saving you money and helping the environment.




There may be a limited amount of lift tickets available for sale each day. We strongly encourage you to purchase tickets online, in advance to guarantee access. Window ticket sales may not be available.



STEP 2: MOuntain Card Pick Up

Redeem your ticket with your order confirmation email. You can use your mobile device or a printed copy of the order confirmation (both options must include the barcode). 

Once you arrive at Sun Peaks, there are a number of locations where you can pick up your card. The most efficient options are our contact-less kiosks; three located slopeside at the Village Day Lodge and one at the base of the Burfield chairlift. In addition to the kiosks, cards can be picked up at the ticket windows at the Village Day Lodge (parking lot side) and the East Village Centre at Mt. Morrisey.


Step 3: Store your Mountain Card in your pocket

Place your Mountain Card in an exterior pocket on your left side. Make sure there are no cell phones, credit cards, or other items in the same pocket, as these may interfere with the RFID signal. Only carry one RFID card at a time.


Step 4: Proceed to the Chairlift

Keep your Mountain Card in your pocket. As you move through the RFID gates they will scan the card and open automatically. 

If the gate does not open or there is another issue with the RFID system a staff member will assist you. 


Step 5: Save your card and reload online

Save your card for ALL future visits and purchases. The Mountain Card is intended to be reloaded online (or via ticket window purchase) and is not specific to a product type or season. When you reload online, you can head straight for the lift! If you end up with multiple cards, any card will work to scan as all cards are linked to your current products (only one card can be scanned per day).

Reload Online


Lost, Damaged or Forgotten Mountain Cards

Lost, damaged or forgotten Mountain Cards will incur a replacement fee of $5.00 + tax. Do not punch a hole in your Mountain Card or alter it in any way as this will damage the antenna.

mountain card faq

For additional information regarding your Mountain Card, please see some frequently asked questions below. Should you have any additional questions, please contact Guest Services at 250.578.5474, or email guestservices@sunpeaksresort.com.


Radio frequency identification (RFID) gives you contact-less access to all chairlifts at Sun Peaks Resort. When you are carrying your pass as instructed above, the circuit within the pass will register at the lift gate and open the turnstile arm, granting you access to the lift. 

The RFID Mountain Cards greatly reduce the amount of printed day tickets used previously. It also means less plastic season pass cards. A win-win for the environment!


We encourage you to save and use your Mountain Card for every mountain access scenario. Here are a few examples:

  • If you’re a mountain bike season pass holder and alpine season pass holder, use the same card
  • If you’re an alpine season pass holder and also purchase bike park day tickets, use the same card

The easiest thing to remember is that any and all day ticket and season pass products can be on the same Mountain Card.

If you need to purchase a new card but later find your previous card, keep both, as both are valid and can be used. Your current products are automatically valid on all Mountain Cards issued to your name. 

Where are mountain card gates installed at Sun Peaks?

Mountain Card (RFID) gates are installed at the base of all chairlifts at Sun Peaks Resort, as well as at the Burfield mid-station.

Can I carry multiple Mountain Cards on me at one time?

No, cards may not work properly if multiples are carried together on your person. Please only carry your own valid Mountain Card.

Does the Mountain Card store my personal information?

No. Your Mountain Card stores only a unique number identifier randomly generated and associated with your user profile. The card stores no personal information. If you lose your Mountain Card, please contact Guest Services immediately so your card can be set to inactive. You will be charged a $5.00 + tax replacement fee. 

Can I alter or punch a hole in my Mountain Card?

No. As mentioned above, any alteration to your Mountain Card will impact the RFID chip, and render the card inactive. If altered, card holders will be charged a $5.00 + tax replacement fee.

Can my Mountain Card survive a ride through the washing machine? 

Yes, your Mountain Card is designed to withstand normal wear and tear. If you are concerned your pass might have suffered internal damage, you can check it prior to entering a lift line at Guest Services at the Village Day Lodge.

Does RFID Technology interfere with pacemakers? 

The Sun Peaks Resort RFID system was built and installed by SKIDATA, a global leader in RFID technology. Based on SKIDATA’s records, research, and the reports of independent research conducted on the influence of electromagnetic fields on medical implants such as pacemakers, there is no known health risk of interaction between SKIDATA RFID readers and pacemakers. If you wear a pacemaker, you should consult with your physician and refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific device, as you would with any electronic device. Out of caution, we recommend that guests with pacemakers not wear their Mountain Card near their pacemaker when passing through RFID gates. We also recommend that guests not linger close to RFID readers, maintaining a distance of at least 8 to 12 inches from RFID readers while in line and when passing through the gate.

If you wear a pacemaker or other medical implant and prefer to not pass through the RFID gate, please alert staff at the lift and you will be given alternative direction for lift access.